Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Its not broken?

Yesterday was a super long day to cap off the super long weekend.

But surprisingly it was a really good day.

Bristol had her 3 year check up.  Clearly I wasn't thinking when I made the appointment because I made it for 9am.  Which doesn't sound early but considering we had to leave the house by 7 am it meant our day started at 5am.  Way earlier that I like.  Bristol asked Jeremy "Where did the light go?"  (referring to the sun) and then when it came up a little later she said "You turned the light on!".  Haha, if only.   He tried to tell her all about the sun and how it rises and sets but she wasn't buying it.

I can't tell you her stats for height and weight simply because I forgot to ask.  It was more of a checkup on her arm than it was for her 3 year appointment because I totally forgot to ask all my questions.   The doctor wanted to put a real cast on her arm so that she wouldn't fracture it worse.  But that meant seeing an orthopedic specialist.  So after leaving the office with the promise of a phone call a little later to schedule the appointment hopefully for later in the afternoon we headed off to do our errands.

First we went to Costco.  Monday morning at 10:30 is the time to shop at Costco.  It was well stocked, not very busy at all, and the checkers were still friendly.   After Costco we headed to Verizon.  My phone has been having issues lately so I needed to get it looked over.   Hard reset later, still no call from the doctor we headed next door to Panera where we met up with my Father In Law for lunch.  It was a very yummy lunch. I love Panera's potato soup.   It warms my bones. Eldon slept while I was in Verizon which was nice but he is always mommyfied right after nap time so it made it hard to eat my lunch.  He wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle while trying to eat his food and while mommy tried to eat her food.  It definitely was an experience.

As we were walking out the door the doctors office called me back.   Turns out that after further examination of Bristol's x-ray there was no fracture after all.  CELEBRATION time!   It was such good news to hear.

Since we no longer needed to hurry we headed for Target.  On the way there Bristol fell asleep!  SUCCESS.  Both kids took a nap while in the car running errands.  This hasn't happened in so long.  So Jeremy and the kids dropped me off at Target and they drove around so Bristol would stay asleep.
This was right after she woke up.  Doesn't she look cute?

Then we went to Forever 21 to spend my birthday gift card.   The kids did so well I was impressed.  I didn't do to bad myself.

Can you believe we got all of errands done before 2:30?  I can't!  It was amazing.

We head off to have a playdate with Tawny and Brody.  It is so cool to see the cousins play together these days.

Dinner at the in laws house afterwards and then we rushed off.  At this point it was 6:30 and the kids were getting really whinny which was to be expected since they had both been up for over 12 hours.   As soon as we hit the freeway Eldon was out like a light, Bristol on the other hand stayed up all the way home.

It was a really good day just super long.  Now we are all trying to adjust back to some normalcy and rest up because this weekend it our big trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific!!!

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