Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bristol rides her bike!

Let me just warn you now, we were impressed by this little girl.  So impressed, we acted like she was the first kid to ever ride a bike.   Bristol has been sitting on her bike and having us push her around since she got it for her birthday at the beginning of the month.  She can pedal on her tricycle really well so we weren't quite sure why it wasn't happening on her bicycle.  She kept saying I can't but we kept encouraging her to try.  The other night she asked daddy to push her on her bike again.  Which is why she doesn't have a helmet on in most of theses pictures.   Jeremy encouraged her to just try and  pedal and completely by accident she managed to do it for a few seconds.   We cheered, clapped, and told her awesome she is.    And just like that she took off.   In a on a matter of minutes she had this whole bike ridding thing down with turns!   After about an hour of practicing in the back yard we unleashed her on the street.   The only reason she is ridding on the streets is because our sidewalks are not very easy to ride on or push a jogging stroller on for that matter.   

Its still hard to believe she is 3.  And riding a bike.   


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