Sunday, September 9, 2012

A turtlerific birthday party!

We survived Bristol's 3rd birthday party.

After starting out the week with Eldon getting sick.

Then Jeremy stepped on glass.

I felt the need to get a head cold as well.

But we finally made it to Saturday.  Thankfully we did most of the preparation the night before.  I made the sign, Jeremy and my mom prepared the food, and the rest of the decorations were all ready to go.  All that was left was setting up for the party which meant 2 hour max in the morning and then we could all relax and enjoy the quiet time before the party.

But things didn't go quite as well as planned.  My parents took the kiddos to Denny's for breakfast, so I was taking my time getting ready.  Since I didn't have to hurry it meant no burning of my fingers on the curling rod.  It is a problem.  I had already curled the bottom of my hair, put on my foundation, blush and eye shadow.  All that was left was mascara and eyeliner, oh yeah, curling the rest of my hair.  When I was informed that Bristol had hurt her arm.  After rushing out to the car to check it out, getting Jeremy out of the shower, and the mad dash to find baby Daphne and blanket (her comfort items of the minute) we decided it would be best if we headed off to urgent care.  Normally Bristol bounces right back from injuries but she wouldn't let anyone look at her arm and she was holding it.  You could see that it was already swelling.  So at 8:30am we went to urgent care.  3 1/2 hours until party time.

After and xray and a through exam of her arm, Bristol was diagnosed with a greenstick fracture.  A splint and medicine for the pain we were all ready to head home to finish getting ready for her 3rd party.

Off we went to finish preparing for her party with 1 1/2 hours to spare!

I would say it was a hit.  Despite not feeling well Bristol partied like a rock star.
remind me to reuse this birthday sign or buy one next year because that sucker was a lot of work!

 You can't see my computer in any of these pictures but Aunt Hilary was on Skype watching the present opening.

This thing came in a million and one pieces but once it was together the kids had a blast with it.

 "Aunt Savanna did I give you permission to take my picture?"

Of course we tried to get a family picture as well....

Maybe next year we will get a decent one!

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