Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A random post about everything.

Can you believe it is already September 4th?  I cant.   Well I can since yesterday was my birthday.  I was spoiled rotten.   A treadmill, Forever 21 gift card, The Princess Diaries 1 and 2.   I also received more Strawberry Orange Jelly.  Yes it is awesome.  But I have to say my favorite gift is a ticket to see Beth Moore speak in person.   Something I have wanted to do since my first Beth Moore bible study.  

I really need to finish up last months 365. Oh and maybe start taking pictures for this month.

Bristol has started waking up saying "That scares me".   We have no clue what started this but it is heartbreaking to hear.  Last night Jeremy went in to pray with her.  At the end of praying she said "im not scared anymore."    It melted my heart.  Today  I think we will definitely be watching the Veggie Tales Wheres God when I am scared? movie.  

Another thing I am still having a hard time believing is that a year ago we packed up our life in Colorado and moved back to California.  So much has changed in that year.  
They have changed so much since this picture was taken. 

Our last Colorado storm.   I really miss this view.  I didn't realize how blessed we were to see it everyday until it was gone.

Can't forget the crash.

Pretty rainbow as were leaving. 

Our hotel room in Utah.  

I am not sure how I feel about our move right now.  When we were offered the opportunity to move back to California we prayed about it.  Neither of us wanted to go down a path without making sure it was what God wanted for us.   We both felt sure.  We prayed, we were prayed for, and all the doors opened just right that the move was possible.   And that is what I am holding onto.  I am trying to remember this is were God wants us right now because in all honesty it doesn't feel like that some times.   It feels like this was the wrong thing to do.   Its hard when there are very little opportunities for our kids in this town.  It is hard when we go to church every Sunday.  Its hard when I think about the MOPs group I attended in Colorado.  But even though its hard and I am struggling with serious doubt, I know deep down that we would not be here if God didn't call us here.  He has a reason.  I may not understand it but there is a reason.   I hold onto that. I hold onto that when I am stressing out, when I am feeling shut in, when I see all my friends posting about fun activities they are doing with there kiddos.  I hold onto that when we have to suffer an 1 1/2 hour car ride with screaming children just to grocery shop.  But there are things that make it worth it.  Bristol and Eldon love hanging out with their Grandparents.  They love getting to see Aunt Tawny and Uncle Jeff.  Playing with Brody.   I love having Jeremy home every night.  I love that he isn't stressed out about work any longer.   I love that they understand that he has a family and sometimes they need to come first.   I love our backyard, even if its been entirely to hot to enjoy it the last couple of months.   These are the things I hold onto when it gets hard.  I keep telling myself to stop looking back but sometimes its hard. 
I know God has a plan for us.  

Wow this post was all over the place but I guess that is fitting since my thoughts are all over the place today.  

Well now I must get off the computer and give the kiddos a bath, run while I sing at the top of my lungs, and take care of my chores for the day.

Happy  Tuesday.  

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