Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sty, shin splints, birthdays...pretty much everything!

I have a sty that is driving me completely bonkers.  Its been there since Sunday.   Probably would have been gone by now if I hadn't insisted on wearing makeup and contacts to church.  

We tried out yet another new church this weekend.   This one is near my in laws house.  I really liked it.  We will definitely be going back next time we are down there on a Sunday.

I have shin splints in my left leg.  SO NOT FUN.  I am pretty sure it is because I have been wearing me left shoe a little, well a lot looser because of this. It happened when we brought the treadmill into the house.  I never remember to wear proper shoes when helping Jeremy.

So I took today off from running but I plan resume tomorrow.  I am addicted to running.  I am not very good and on the slow side but it relieves a lot of my stress.  It gives me time to sing my heart out to praise songs, very loudly might I add.  

We are trying to eat clean for all of our meals.  Mostly because Jeremy has always had a hard time with meat since his surgery but in the last year it has gotten worse.  And I am really starting to have a hard time with dairy products.  So instead of taking 5 or 6 enzymes a meal we decided to just cleanse for a little while.  Truthfully I don't really plan to go back to cooking with processed foods and meats.  Not that we ate very many before.  But I will enjoy them when other people cook for me.  I will also make up excuses for why we need to visit the Texas Roadhouse and I am sure Jeremy will hold me to my promise of Lucille's BBQ one of these days.

I made this last night and it was super yummy.  It is something I will definitely be making again.

Bristol helped us with the dinner last night.  It was fun to incorporate her.  She put all the chopped veggies into the pan for us.

After dinner she asked if we could go get ice cream. Since the kiddos have been really well behaved lately we agreed on the way there Bristol decided to try her hand at backseat driving

Bristol: Daddy ice cream right there, right there! 
Jeremy: Are you sure?
She definitely knows where Baskin Robbins is located.

I spilled coffee on my computer last week.  Thankfully Jeremy is a wonderful computer doctor.  I now have a new keyboard.  It was pretty depressing looking at this for a few days.

We save a lot of money because my hubby is so mechanically inclined. He can pretty much fix anything it is awesome.   Well except the bathroom scale.  Unfortunately there is no helping it.  Which is a good and bad thing. Bad because I like to weight myself once a week to see where I am at.  Good because realistically I weight myself every morning which is unhealthy.  I am not sure if we will replace it.

My birthday is this weekend.  I am super excited.  I still can't believe I will be 26.  Not because I think that its old but because it seems like I was just celebrating my 21st birthday.  Honestly I will never get tired of my birthday. It doesn't bother me to get older.  There is nothing I can do to change the fact so I will embrace it.

Of course I would like to ignore the fact that Bristol will be 3 in 9 days.  9 DAYS PEOPLE!

Its also crazy to think that a year ago, well in 2 days, we left Colorado Springs to move back to California.  I can't believe we have been here for almost a year already.   INSANE.  Yep I am really into caps lock today.

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  1. OK. Too many similarities here... we'd better not plan on doing a 3-legged race together, as I have shin splints in my RIGHT leg. From GARDENING. WHO on Earth gets Shin Splints from Gardening????? Even with shin splint legs tied together, I'm not sure I could keep up with a 26 year old. :-) Hope you're feeling better really soon, that you're running with the wind, and have a really happy birthday. And Bristol, too. :-)


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