Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sherman Pass

Yesterday we went for a drive.  We were feeling trapped in the house after only being home for 4 days.   But I have to say, I almost didn't want to go.  Mostly because the kids have been so horrible in the car lately.  But Jeremy told them we were going to look at trees, something we never see here in the desert.   So off we went, armed with all of our kid friendly dvd's.

This is the route we took.  Instead of starting toward Lake Isabella we went toward Kennedy Meadows which is north on 395 and you get off at Nine Mile.  It was a beautiful drive once we got up the mountain.

Beautiful rain clouds

"Window down please!"

Out the sun roof

"Mommy look at the cows!!!!"
I should have taken a picture of the temperature before we left, it read 110 degrees.   

As soon as we dropped in Kennedy Meadows is starting raining.  We all love the rain.  It makes up happy. The temperature started dropping again.

Look at all the rain drops!

Ollee Bear was happy to be along for the ride.

The happy car goers. 

At this point we decided to just keep on going to Kernville/Lake Isabella.  

Did I mention we were all wearing shorts and tank tops?

Daddy picked up pine cones for the kiddos.

Jeremy taking a picture of me taking pictures.

We found the icy sign funny

Random cool tree

Me taking pictures of Jeremy taking pictures

Heading back down the other side of the hill towards the Kern River.

Random cool old school post office

Bristol demonstrating how she rolls down the window

Eldon playing peek a boo while we are waiting for daddy to come out of the store with our sandwiches for dinner.

All in all it was an amazing day.   It was nice to relax and take a drive.  We used to do this all the time when we lived in Wyoming.   

Also, the kids did amazing.  About 5 miles from home they started to break down we were in the car for 6 hours so it was understandable!  

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