Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Month 7... Days 183-213


Race day!

Keeping it real!  In our house usually when one is smiling the other is bawling...

I loved all 3 of these pictures.  I really love when Bristol is jumping our bed and I get a good picture with the God Gave Me You sign in the background. 

Winder butt!

My beautiful brown eyed girl!

Chickens and oatmeal!

I love this picture!  I wish it was a better quality so I could blow it up and stick it on the wall.  

My little sick dude.
Bristol working out her daddy!

I love this picture of Eldon!

The humidity is back up!   GRR!  While it might not be a big deal, when it effect the swap cooler it is a huge deal.  Last night it was 98 degrees at 9pm and the indoor temperature was reading 96.  YUCK!  That was with the air on full blast.   Hopefully today it wont get as bad but since the humidity has been in the 40% range all day I don't have much hope.  

I have decided to do monthly 365 post.  Its makes it a little easier.   Plus it actually makes it look like I do a better job at keeping up every day.  In reality I only managed to get 22 out of 31 days between my phone and camera!   

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