Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gem Turquoise

Can you believe it, I finished another project on my list.  I mentioned in this post about the entry way table that I had 2 more painting projects to do.  Well now only one is left but it will be a while before its done.  Mostly because the project is painting Bristol's big girl room.   Since we don't have a matress, dresser, or bedding for her big girl room yet, I don't need to rush into it.   And currently Eldon's crib is in there so that he  can sleep in in the morning.

So lets take a look back to what the living room looked like before I redid the desk/tv stand.
I actually did 2 things.  The first is the curtains.

When I made them the first time I cut them wrong.  So they were the perfect length but not the right width.  So I have been browsing sites for new curtains.  Once again I realize I have horribly expensive taste.  So instead I decided to try and fix my current ones.  I decided flip them 90 degrees and then add extra fabric.
I absolutely LOVE THEM!   I think it made them blend with the room a lot better.  They make me happy now.

And the desk.  I love it too.  It is beautiful.  A lot of work went into it and it still needs hardware and I would like to turn the middle drawer into a shelf for the dvd player but it is beautiful.  The color is Behr Gem Turquoise    LOVE IT!

And don't the curtains look good with it?  I think so.   

I would still like to clean up the mantel area.  Maybe take down the Happy Birthday sign.  But then again it might stay up since it annoys Jeremy.   Also I need to add some sort of blue pillows to the couch to tie everything together.  But for now I am happy.  

One day I will have a huge white sectional.  Yes I said white.  My dream is that it will be completely washable.   

So what do you think, does it look better?

Here is a side by side for you.

Hopefully I will be adding a wood chest for a coffee table soon.  

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