Sunday, August 5, 2012

Daphne comes to visit!

 As I mentioned yesterday, Daphne (oh and Hilary) came to visit.   Bristol was super happy Daphne was coming and couldn't understand why it was taking so long for her to get here.  Eldon on the other hand wasn't so sure about Daphne.  He was very concerned that mommy wanted to hold the baby.   As long as I wasn't near her, he thought Daphne and her fire(pacifier) were pretty interesting but when mommy was holding Daphne during his post nap snuggle time it wasn't good.   But by the time they left this morning he was loving Daphne and kept asking to hold the baby.  I was so proud of him.  I was proud of both kiddos, they both wanted to make Daphne happy whenever she was screaming so they brought her, their blankets.

Now for the photo dump.  

"Mommy this isn't so bad"(he kissed her right after this)

"Oh No! why is she screaming at me?"

"Here Daphne, I have your plug!"

Bear crawling with Aunt Hilary

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