Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bubbles and a dirty house

I was in the middle of washing dishes this morning when Bristol asked "Mommy play bubbles?".  Normally I would tell her "No I need to finish the kitchen, mop, and vacuum since I didn't do it yesterday" but today I thought to myself, that I need to stop saying no to my kiddos when they want to have fun with mommy.  I need to enjoy these moments of smiles and laughter because they are not very common with a very opinionated 2 almost 3 year old.  In fact just yesterday I was wishing for a happy toddler because I was having a very hard day.  But I realized something today in the middle of playing bubbles with Bristol, she may not always wake up happy because lets face it she is my child and we are horrible morning people but with a little bit of love and fun from mommy she responds.   I couldn't help but take pictures during our fun. I wanted proof.  I wanted to remember those smiles she was giving me.  I wanted to see the happiness.  

So enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed this hour with my happy Fuss.  It was a wonderful hour.  Even though my house is a mess, there is dog hair on the carpet, dirty dishes in the sink, and the floors are in desperate need of cleaning... I am happy and content.   Which for a girl who cant stand to have a dirty house... its a miracle.

Definitely need to get this one framed.  

A video

Another video

If you are wondering where Eldon was during all this loud fun, he was napping of course.   Maybe later today I will get to have a little one on one fun with him.  

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