Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday ramblings

I have really been slacking on this whole blogging thing lately!

Lets see if I can catch up.

Can you believe in 42 days Bristol will be 3?  Good, because I can't either.  We have started planning her turtle themed party.   She is super excited about this.  This year we decided not to do gifts for her because she will get a lot of gifts from the party goers and plus she already has more than enough stuff so instead of gifts we are taking her to the Long Beach Aquarium to see turtles.  Personally I think that is an awesome gift for my little turtle lover.   Its way better than getting her a turtle and mommy having to take care of it.  I may also take her to get mommy and Bristol pedicures for our birthdays since you know they are only 4 days apart.

On that subject, my birthday is in 38 days!   I love my birthday.  I plan to celebrate it for the rest of my life. I will never ignore it.  If I had my way my birthday would be a week long celebration starting each morning with a gift!   And ending with a nice 3 day get away without the kids but since I don't live in a fantasy world my birthday is only a 1 day celebration.  And since Bristol's birthday is so close to mine  it has kind of become less important.

Eldon didn't sleep well at all last night.  From 8:30 to 1:30ish he slept in mine or Jeremy's arms but mostly Jeremy's arm.   I have an amazing husband if you didn't know.  At that point we couldn't take anymore so we moved him into my sewing room and let him fuss in his play pin thankfully by 3am he was passed out and now its 9:19 and he is still sleeping.   Which is wonderful for him but unfortunately it means we probably are going to end up missing story time at the library today because he is still snoozing.  I wish I could still be snoozing instead I am hanging out with Bristol and blogging.

The weather here has been rough.  Its been between 105 and 112 every day for the last 2 weeks but what really sucks is the humidity was in the 15%-30% range for about a week and looks like it will be there again today.  Which isn't high but when you have a swamp cooler it means that your house is no longer cooler that it is outside.  The inside temperature was reading between 97-98 when the humidity was up and it sucked.   Our swamp cooler was on high day and night and there was no break.  I am definitely looking forward to fall.

Well Eldon is waking up now so I must get off the computer.  Sorry for no pictures, I have nothing interesting to show you right now.

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