Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My little girly girl

How is it possible that I ended up with a girl who loves her pink and her dolls?   But at the same time she would much rather help daddy in the garage, play in the mud, and build blocks.  I love that she is a crazy mix of tom boy and girly girl.   She loves to paint her fingers, put on mommy's makeup, rough house with her brother, and dig in the dirt at Paga's house.  Turtles are her favorite thing in the world.  So much so that when asked what kind of birthday party she wanted it was an easy answer "turtle party".   What I didn't expect was for her to want a pink shirt with a turtle on it.    I guess after her insisting on wearing pink for a week I shouldn't have been surprised.

Bristol has entered that stage where her Dolly must go every where with us.  And since it was pretty homely looking I decided it was time to give Dolly a makeover.

Dolly is a pretty special doll.  She was given to Bristol by my mom.  It was her doll as a kid.  So its understandable that she need a few touch ups.   First up I did a little work to her hair, more like 2 hours of combing and straightening.

Her hair didn't turn out perfect but it looks a lot better.  I am going to try a few other google-found solutions. the next time around.

Up next was clothes.  Let me tell you Doll clothes are not easy to make.  My  first try was a complete failure.  
But Bristol was so happy Dolly had a new dress, she kept saying "Thank you so much Mommy for Dolly clothes"!  

So last night I made a few more options that turned out a lot better.  I also cleaned the marker off of Dolly's face! 

A chocolate bribe later and I snapped a few picture of Bristol and Dolly.
Me "Bristol you need to smile if you expect chocolate!"

She's looking better right?  Not so homeless.

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