Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday!

I can't believe Monday is already here again!  This weekend went by so fast.

Poor Eldon is so miserable.   I feel so helpless when it comes to him.   He wants to play so bad but he is so miserable that it doesn't go well.

I always thought it was Eldon who woke Bristol up in the morning but I was wrong.  For like the 5th day in a row Eldon is still asleep at 9 and Bristol was up at 7am.   She must have missed the memo that its okay to sleep in.

"Watch diving!".  Ever time I turn on the Olympics that is what comes out of Bristol's mouth.  She doesn't want to watch gymnastics, swimming, or beach volleyball. Its all about the diving.  Which don't get me wrong I like the diving a lot but personally I only want to watch the diving event once, I don't want to repeat the same video over and over and over again.

Jeremy is working a weird schedule until summer is over.  He is working 5am to 1pm.   So he will be home for a major part of our day.  I super excited about having more time with him but on the same hand I am dreading it.  The kids do not like to stick to our routine when daddy is home.  So hopefully after a day or 2 they will realize its the new normal for a while and adjust.

I love the Olympics.  Very obsessed with it.  I evened joined twitter so I could keep up with the athletes.   Probably will never tweet a day in my life but its fun to see minute by minute updates especially when the NBC web page is running slow and they don't update until the end of the day.

The library's summer reading program ended last week.  It was fun to go while they had it.  I am going to make more of an effort to take the kids the fall when it starts back up.

I was thinking about posting a picture of Bristol's birthday invitation but I am on Jeremy's computer since mine is hooked up to the tv to watch the men gymnastics final, so I will have to post that next time.

Last night we made brownies.  Bristol helped out.

Well I think that is all I have for today.  Happy Monday everyone.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday ramblings

I have really been slacking on this whole blogging thing lately!

Lets see if I can catch up.

Can you believe in 42 days Bristol will be 3?  Good, because I can't either.  We have started planning her turtle themed party.   She is super excited about this.  This year we decided not to do gifts for her because she will get a lot of gifts from the party goers and plus she already has more than enough stuff so instead of gifts we are taking her to the Long Beach Aquarium to see turtles.  Personally I think that is an awesome gift for my little turtle lover.   Its way better than getting her a turtle and mommy having to take care of it.  I may also take her to get mommy and Bristol pedicures for our birthdays since you know they are only 4 days apart.

On that subject, my birthday is in 38 days!   I love my birthday.  I plan to celebrate it for the rest of my life. I will never ignore it.  If I had my way my birthday would be a week long celebration starting each morning with a gift!   And ending with a nice 3 day get away without the kids but since I don't live in a fantasy world my birthday is only a 1 day celebration.  And since Bristol's birthday is so close to mine  it has kind of become less important.

Eldon didn't sleep well at all last night.  From 8:30 to 1:30ish he slept in mine or Jeremy's arms but mostly Jeremy's arm.   I have an amazing husband if you didn't know.  At that point we couldn't take anymore so we moved him into my sewing room and let him fuss in his play pin thankfully by 3am he was passed out and now its 9:19 and he is still sleeping.   Which is wonderful for him but unfortunately it means we probably are going to end up missing story time at the library today because he is still snoozing.  I wish I could still be snoozing instead I am hanging out with Bristol and blogging.

The weather here has been rough.  Its been between 105 and 112 every day for the last 2 weeks but what really sucks is the humidity was in the 15%-30% range for about a week and looks like it will be there again today.  Which isn't high but when you have a swamp cooler it means that your house is no longer cooler that it is outside.  The inside temperature was reading between 97-98 when the humidity was up and it sucked.   Our swamp cooler was on high day and night and there was no break.  I am definitely looking forward to fall.

Well Eldon is waking up now so I must get off the computer.  Sorry for no pictures, I have nothing interesting to show you right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is Coral?

This is a buffet that was given to me from my mom.  It was my grandma's at one point.  Okay maybe it wasn't given to me it was more like I hinted that I wanted it.   When my Grandma asked me what I was going to do with it, I said "I am going to paint it coral."  Her response was "What is coral?"!  Haha.   Coral, in mind is a color of pink for girls who don't like pink!  I much prefer to say I have a coral entry way table then I have a pink entry way table.  

Since Bristol's birthday party is quickly approaching, I really wanted to get 2 of 3 of my painting projects out of the way.  So we headed to Home Depot to pick out paint and hardware.  The paint is Cool Lava by Behr.   I love it.  Jeremy tolerates it!

After the 1st coat

Bristol helping with the 2nd coat

All finished.  

Doesn't it look perfect?

Wider shot of the entry way.
This was actually a really decent priced project.  Or it would have been if I hadn't of spilled a whole quart of paint on the garage floor.
It's pretty right?

Here is my cost break down!
First quart of paint: $14.89
Brushes: $2.00
Second coat of paint: $14.89
hardware: $5.69
Total! 37.47 (22.58 without my mess up)

I really want to replace the brown curtain, right now we are leaning towards something in a blue family.  

Up next, the TV stand/desk! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My little girly girl

How is it possible that I ended up with a girl who loves her pink and her dolls?   But at the same time she would much rather help daddy in the garage, play in the mud, and build blocks.  I love that she is a crazy mix of tom boy and girly girl.   She loves to paint her fingers, put on mommy's makeup, rough house with her brother, and dig in the dirt at Paga's house.  Turtles are her favorite thing in the world.  So much so that when asked what kind of birthday party she wanted it was an easy answer "turtle party".   What I didn't expect was for her to want a pink shirt with a turtle on it.    I guess after her insisting on wearing pink for a week I shouldn't have been surprised.

Bristol has entered that stage where her Dolly must go every where with us.  And since it was pretty homely looking I decided it was time to give Dolly a makeover.

Dolly is a pretty special doll.  She was given to Bristol by my mom.  It was her doll as a kid.  So its understandable that she need a few touch ups.   First up I did a little work to her hair, more like 2 hours of combing and straightening.

Her hair didn't turn out perfect but it looks a lot better.  I am going to try a few other google-found solutions. the next time around.

Up next was clothes.  Let me tell you Doll clothes are not easy to make.  My  first try was a complete failure.  
But Bristol was so happy Dolly had a new dress, she kept saying "Thank you so much Mommy for Dolly clothes"!  

So last night I made a few more options that turned out a lot better.  I also cleaned the marker off of Dolly's face! 

A chocolate bribe later and I snapped a few picture of Bristol and Dolly.
Me "Bristol you need to smile if you expect chocolate!"

She's looking better right?  Not so homeless.

Friday, July 13, 2012

The week according to my phone... take 2 :)

I am always taking pictures with Instagram so this is an easy way to share what is going on in my week.  

The other day I had to run to Walgreens for essentials like a new contact case, Tylenol, and of course the new bottle of Essie that caught my eye a few weeks back.   Normally I don't splurge on Essie, instead I carry the color around the beauty aisles and try to match it to a cheaper version.  Which I am normally really successful with which is why I only have 3 bottles of Essie color.  But this green was not matching up to anything.  Isn't it beautiful?  Jeremy did the ring finger design.  I know its already chipping but that is okay, I am used to it.  

 And while at the store I happened to walk down (very deliberately) the chocolate aisle.  I could not pass up these huge Dove bars which were 5 for $5.  The milk chocolate ones are mine and dark chocolate ones are Jeremys.   My stash will probably last me a month since I only eat one or two squares a couple times a week which is way better that my old intake of a whole bar at a time.  

 Eldon has officially learned how to climb in and out of his play pin.  Great times.

After Tough Mudder last weekend we stopped at In N Out on our way home because no one had the energy to actually get out of the car.  End result was my car smelled like burgers and fries and I had to strip the kids carseats to get all of the food of them.  We rarely eat fast food and the only place we ever go is In N Out but next time we will be taking our tired butts into the restaurant to eat.  No more eating in the car.

Blondie was helping me sew yesterday.

 Jeremy had a bad bloody nose last night so Bristol brought him extra toilet paper.  A little while later Eldon got a hold of it.  He was happy to show of his mess.

 I may have a slight obsession with this coral zig zag fabric.   But I am almost out of it so you will not be seeing any more projects with it.   I decided I needed another oversized diaper bag that had the ability to connect to my stroller handle as well as have a strap to use it as a messenger bag.  Instead of taking apart an existing bag, I started from scratch.  All that is left is to make the strap but I need to hit up Joann's first.

Jeremy loves to paint and since he doesn't have the tools to paint any of the vehicles he settles for my toes.  The are beautiful, right?

I should have included a picture of Eldon rocking his pink flip diaper today.   Since its his pooping hour I decided to put him in a cover that wasn't used very often.  He protested quite a bit this morning when he saw what I was up to.

Happy Friday!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weeks 21-26: Day 141-182

Here it is 1 1/2 months of pictures :)  I finally got around to it.  

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