Friday, June 29, 2012

The week according to my phone!

I can't believe how much Eldon is talking these days "more milk", "Thank you", "amen", "blue berries", "night, night" (his beloved blanket) and these are only the ones I can remember right now.

My blog has been kind of silent lately.... I really haven't had anything to say.

I have a whole months worth of 365 to post I just need to label the pictures.  Maybe I will get time today.

Yesterday we went to story time at the library.  The story teller was really good with little kids.  Bristol interacted so much.    The only downside is now my house looks like a war zone because we were out during my normal cleaning time.  MUST CATCH UP TODAY!

Every night this week we have gone on a family walk or "stroller ride" as Bristol calls it.   It started out as a way to exercise Blondie who is getting super lazy.  She will be 8 in December and I am really starting worry about her health.  Since she has a fondness for bakers chocolate, I am positive she has shortened her life span.   She starts panting as soon as we get out of the garage but she is a trooper and only slows down a couple of times.  We bring the big dogs as well.  Obviously Olle Bear is in serious need of a hair cut.  

Last weekend was a rough one for me.   We happened to be by an H&M at one point, Jeremy knows I have been dying to go to one so he offered to let me go in and shop.  I was in no mood to shop, so of course I took a rain check.

Isn't it beautiful!   I love it.  I have wanted one of these watches for a while now.  You can check out the whole line here. It was hard to just choose one!

I have been working really hard on french braiding Bristol's hair.  I do okay when its wet but dry is a different story.   Unfortunately Bristol has my hair so there is no taming it.  And since there is so much of it, its always a mess.

On the subject of hair.  Little dude got a hair cut this week.    He looks so much more grown up after a hair cut.

Bristol is not longer wants to be called Fuss.  She is now requesting to be called Big Sissy at all times.   "Big Sissy went potty", "Big Sissy go on stroller ride", and "Big Sissy make Eldon all better!".  It is adorable if you ask me.

I think that is all I have for today!

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