Monday, June 18, 2012

Potty Training Round 2

I figured I wouldn't be blogging about this particular event till at least September or November but I guess when a Little Dude wants to potty train, you go ahead and do it.

About 3 weeks again Eldon started sitting on Bristol's little potty.  He would sit down for a couple minutes then get up and clap his hands with a huge smile on his face.  Fast forward to last week he started sitting on the potty every time Bristol got off the potty.  I asked my mom friends and they said I should start him on the potty training road.   Can I just say I DON'T WANT TO!   I am so not ready to potty train again.  It was a little over a year ago that I potty trained Bristol and we just went through a regression phase so I was perfectly happy keeping him in diapers.  Also I just added a really cute cloth diaper set to my collection.   So I said I would potty train him this week since we were gone all weekend.  Truthfully I was hoping he would forget about it.  That he would get over his readiness.  That I could go with my original plan and wait until he was 20  months.    Not 17 months. He isn't even 1 1/2!   But today I knew.  This morning after his morning poop he came up to me and said "dirty, dirty, dirty!" then started taking off his diaper.    A little latter he kept pulling at his diaper again saying "dirty, dirty, dirty!" but no poop this time.  But each time after he would go sit on the little potty.  He is ready, I know.  But I am not ready.

But since he is giving all the signals and Jeremy is all for starting the potty training boot camp back up, we are going to start.  The boys went out to pick up undies this evening.   I am super sad about this.  Normally I am not one of those mom's who tries to keep their kiddos at a certain stage in life but with Eldon I want him to stay my little boy.   Maybe its because Bristol will be 3 in a few months or maybe its because every time I walk down the hall I look at their newborn pictures, whichever it is I am struggling.   I am fighting hard but I know I am loosing.

Can I also say that I fully intended for Jeremy to be the one who potty trained the boy,  you know since I am the one who potty trained the girl.  But that isn't going to happen since he has to work.  Although he will be home half the day tomorrow so he will be partaking in the clean up.

So I sit here writing an semi emotional post about a little event but I feel like its huge.

Over the next few days I will once again be blogging about potty training.  I did it here with Bristol.  I plan to go cold turkey once again.  Eldon will wear undies since I don't want my ceiling peed on, we will set the potty timer for every 15 minutes and he will have sit on the potty for 1 minute.  No rewards because I belong to the camp that you shouldn't get a reward for doing something that is expected.  Hopefully he will train as fast  as his sister or faster since this is totally his idea.

Wish us luck!

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