Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homemade Water Table

I think I am more excited about this than the kids.  I have wanted to get them a water table for a while but every time I go to buy one I talk myself out of it.   Then by the time I am for sure, they are sold out at Costco.   So we decided to make our own.   Eventually there will a sand table as well since the kids love to dig in the dirt. 

Bristol and Jeremy worked on this all day yesterday.   Bristol was daddy's official nail holder.  This is what it sounded like 
                        Jeremy "Can I have a nail?"
                        Bristol "Nail, Please!"
                        Jeremy "Can I have a nail please?"
                        Bristol would hand him the nail
                        Bristol " Say thank you daddy!"
                        Jeremy "Thank you."
                        Bristol " Your welcome Jeremy"
Well at least she remembers her nice words sometimes, right?


Jeremy got the wood for free and the boxes were $10 a piece.  So between the nails and the boxes this project only cost us $24. I like that price way better since the table I was looking at was $48 and we got 2 for $24.  

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