Friday, June 29, 2012

The week according to my phone!

I can't believe how much Eldon is talking these days "more milk", "Thank you", "amen", "blue berries", "night, night" (his beloved blanket) and these are only the ones I can remember right now.

My blog has been kind of silent lately.... I really haven't had anything to say.

I have a whole months worth of 365 to post I just need to label the pictures.  Maybe I will get time today.

Yesterday we went to story time at the library.  The story teller was really good with little kids.  Bristol interacted so much.    The only downside is now my house looks like a war zone because we were out during my normal cleaning time.  MUST CATCH UP TODAY!

Every night this week we have gone on a family walk or "stroller ride" as Bristol calls it.   It started out as a way to exercise Blondie who is getting super lazy.  She will be 8 in December and I am really starting worry about her health.  Since she has a fondness for bakers chocolate, I am positive she has shortened her life span.   She starts panting as soon as we get out of the garage but she is a trooper and only slows down a couple of times.  We bring the big dogs as well.  Obviously Olle Bear is in serious need of a hair cut.  

Last weekend was a rough one for me.   We happened to be by an H&M at one point, Jeremy knows I have been dying to go to one so he offered to let me go in and shop.  I was in no mood to shop, so of course I took a rain check.

Isn't it beautiful!   I love it.  I have wanted one of these watches for a while now.  You can check out the whole line here. It was hard to just choose one!

I have been working really hard on french braiding Bristol's hair.  I do okay when its wet but dry is a different story.   Unfortunately Bristol has my hair so there is no taming it.  And since there is so much of it, its always a mess.

On the subject of hair.  Little dude got a hair cut this week.    He looks so much more grown up after a hair cut.

Bristol is not longer wants to be called Fuss.  She is now requesting to be called Big Sissy at all times.   "Big Sissy went potty", "Big Sissy go on stroller ride", and "Big Sissy make Eldon all better!".  It is adorable if you ask me.

I think that is all I have for today!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Potty Training Fail!

I know I was supposed to update last night but well it was a bad day yesterday.  So bad the kids went to bed an hour early.  They are having a super hard time adjusting back to normal life which sucks because they will be staying with Grandma on Friday.  Although I am sure they will be perfect angels for her.

Eldon had 2 successes on the potty yesterday but the rest of the day he was an emotional mess.  I am not sure if its teeth, potty training, schedule adjustment, or just plain grumpiness but he wasn't in a cooperative mood at all.  So after nap time when he woke up still fussing about everything I gave him back his diaper.    Yep, I caved.  Maybe I should remind you that I had no desire to potty train him this early so it wasn't a big deal to me to put him back in his diaper.  So I gave him his diaper and then let him be.  About 5 minutes later I am in the laundry room and he comes in "dirty, dirty, dirty".  I was like okay let me finish up the laundry and I will change you.  Instead I hear the Velcro on his diapers being ripped off, I look over and he has taken off his diaper and is peeing all over the floor.  Oh yeah!  He knows when he has to pee.

So the moral of this story is if he wants to potty train that is fine by me but we are going to wait till we are home for at least 7 days straight.   Oh and he has to be in a better mood.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Potty Training Round 2

I figured I wouldn't be blogging about this particular event till at least September or November but I guess when a Little Dude wants to potty train, you go ahead and do it.

About 3 weeks again Eldon started sitting on Bristol's little potty.  He would sit down for a couple minutes then get up and clap his hands with a huge smile on his face.  Fast forward to last week he started sitting on the potty every time Bristol got off the potty.  I asked my mom friends and they said I should start him on the potty training road.   Can I just say I DON'T WANT TO!   I am so not ready to potty train again.  It was a little over a year ago that I potty trained Bristol and we just went through a regression phase so I was perfectly happy keeping him in diapers.  Also I just added a really cute cloth diaper set to my collection.   So I said I would potty train him this week since we were gone all weekend.  Truthfully I was hoping he would forget about it.  That he would get over his readiness.  That I could go with my original plan and wait until he was 20  months.    Not 17 months. He isn't even 1 1/2!   But today I knew.  This morning after his morning poop he came up to me and said "dirty, dirty, dirty!" then started taking off his diaper.    A little latter he kept pulling at his diaper again saying "dirty, dirty, dirty!" but no poop this time.  But each time after he would go sit on the little potty.  He is ready, I know.  But I am not ready.

But since he is giving all the signals and Jeremy is all for starting the potty training boot camp back up, we are going to start.  The boys went out to pick up undies this evening.   I am super sad about this.  Normally I am not one of those mom's who tries to keep their kiddos at a certain stage in life but with Eldon I want him to stay my little boy.   Maybe its because Bristol will be 3 in a few months or maybe its because every time I walk down the hall I look at their newborn pictures, whichever it is I am struggling.   I am fighting hard but I know I am loosing.

Can I also say that I fully intended for Jeremy to be the one who potty trained the boy,  you know since I am the one who potty trained the girl.  But that isn't going to happen since he has to work.  Although he will be home half the day tomorrow so he will be partaking in the clean up.

So I sit here writing an semi emotional post about a little event but I feel like its huge.

Over the next few days I will once again be blogging about potty training.  I did it here with Bristol.  I plan to go cold turkey once again.  Eldon will wear undies since I don't want my ceiling peed on, we will set the potty timer for every 15 minutes and he will have sit on the potty for 1 minute.  No rewards because I belong to the camp that you shouldn't get a reward for doing something that is expected.  Hopefully he will train as fast  as his sister or faster since this is totally his idea.

Wish us luck!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sleep deprivation and Family BBQ's

I can honestly say that we have been spending way to much time in the car since we moved back to California.   Before the move we rarely spent more than an hour in the car at a time.   I know the reason we have been going, going, going is because we have 6 years of out of state living to make up for but I think we need to be a little more realistic and realize it can't be made up in 8 months.   Plus I think our children are coming to hate the car.  I know I am.   Since they rarely nap in it lately and we have to watch the same movies over and over it gets old.  

Okay car rant over now onto the good stuff.  SLEEP DEPRIVATION! I know good stuff right?  I know I am blessed to have 2 very amazing sleepers.   Well I don't think I am blessed, I know it has come from a lot of hard work and scheduling.    And not to mention lots of dedication.   Since my children know exactly when to expect dinner, naps, and play time because we keep to a schedule the minute we go off course the world ends.  Well maybe not ends but it sure feels like it.   After 3 days of no constancy the kiddos turn into hot messes.   They are happy and playful until one of them falls or maybe I cut their food the wrong way or I put on the sparkly shoes and not the yellow shoes.  You know, normal-world-ending problems.   Yep so that is why they went to bed at 6pm tonight.  I really don't care if they wake up at 6 am instead of their normal 7:30 am, just to have a few extra hours of drama free time tonight.... it is worth it!

I love blogging... I can take a break in the middle of my thoughts to put a deep conditioning mask on my hair.

Friday evening I went to visit my brother.  It was hard, but I know its a reality.  One I am going to have to live with for a long time to come.  

Saturday was Winder family BBQ day!   I haven't been to one of these since before I married Jeremy.  The kiddo's got to meet the rest of my family and play with the new generation of little ones.  I know I should have been snapping pictures but my brain was not functioning since the kids decided to end Friday at 11pm and start Saturday at 5:30am.  NOT COOL!  

Oh and I almost forgot Bristol and Eldon met Baby Daphne.   Yeah, there aren't any picture of Eldon with Daphne.

As usual the kids had lots of fun, Paga gave them way to much sugar and they got to run and play to their hearts were content.  

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homemade Water Table

I think I am more excited about this than the kids.  I have wanted to get them a water table for a while but every time I go to buy one I talk myself out of it.   Then by the time I am for sure, they are sold out at Costco.   So we decided to make our own.   Eventually there will a sand table as well since the kids love to dig in the dirt. 

Bristol and Jeremy worked on this all day yesterday.   Bristol was daddy's official nail holder.  This is what it sounded like 
                        Jeremy "Can I have a nail?"
                        Bristol "Nail, Please!"
                        Jeremy "Can I have a nail please?"
                        Bristol would hand him the nail
                        Bristol " Say thank you daddy!"
                        Jeremy "Thank you."
                        Bristol " Your welcome Jeremy"
Well at least she remembers her nice words sometimes, right?


Jeremy got the wood for free and the boxes were $10 a piece.  So between the nails and the boxes this project only cost us $24. I like that price way better since the table I was looking at was $48 and we got 2 for $24.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby Daphne

She is here! I got to hold her and snuggle her.  Best part of it all it didn't matter if I spoiled her because I wasn't the one who would be staying up with her all night.   I now understand the beauty of other peoples kids.

I love my little niece so much.  When Hilary had her on Wednesday all I wanted to do way drive up there to see her.  I didn't want to wait until today to go visit, I also didn't want to be distracted by Bristol and Eldon while trying to see Daphne.   When I asked Jeremy how he would feel if I went on Friday without the kiddos and stayed till Sunday he was all for it.  I married an amazing man!   He told me he was really looking forward to having a chance to take care of the kids for that long by himself.   He is amazing isn't he? I felt kind of bad leaving because I knew it would be exhausting for him but seeing baby Daphne was to much of a draw.  

After what was supposed to be a 3 1/2 hour drive turned into a 5 hour drive I was there.  I got to meet the beautiful Daphne!

I love her flower

I didn't get any pictures of Hilary and Daphne but here is Daphne and Anthony

 Isn't she perfect?
Auntie Savanna, stop taking my picture!

So Alert

I can't wait to see her again.  And I can't wait for Bristol and Eldon to meet Baby Daphne or Baby Dafee as Bristol calls her.

Oh and my worry about how Jeremy would do this weekend.  He did amazing.  He was ready to crash as soon as I got home.   Eldon on the other hand has turned on me.   He used to only want me but this morning he cried for an hour " Daddy, Daddy, Daddy".   Mommy just isn't good enough anymore.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep, Nieces, and Toes

Last night I was having trouble sleeping yet again.   Except this time I knew what was causing it.  I was trying to figure out the budget in my head for the month.  Never a good going to sleep topic.  Then a wonderful peace came about me as this verse started going through my head:

So don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.  
Today's trouble is enough for you today.
Matthew 6:34

I fell asleep right way and woke up to silence.  The kids decided to sleep in!  It was awesome.

Life is sure going to get busy next week.  Monday I am going to see my new niece.  Super excited about that and then Friday we are going to my parents house for the weekend.   Which will include a family bbq.   Its been so long since I have been to a family gathering.

Jeremy decorated my toes for me last night.  I have wanted to do zig zags on them for a while but I am not talented like that so he did them.   I love the polka dots too!

They need a little touch up with the nail polish remover but I love how they look!

Well I guess I need to think about lunch for the kiddos!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doctors appointments, Road Trips, and Birthdays.

Well I am not really sure a 1 1/2 hour trip to Lancaster can be considered a road trip especially since we make it almost every weekend but what the heck, lets call it a road trip.   The kids seem to be getting more and more impatient with being in the car, which sucks for us!  Then you add having to stop at least 2-3 times every hour for Bristol to pee it takes quite a long time to get places.  Why can't they just fall asleep every time?

We had Eldon's follow up appointment yesterday.  Since he had croup yet again it was a much needed appointment.  I finally feel like we are getting to the bottom of things and hopefully soon we will be over this madness.  Yesterday at the appointment 2 things were decided.  The first one is that Eldon needs to stop sucking his thumb because he is picking up (literally) every germ/virus/bacteria that is out there and the only thing that is different between him and Bristol is the thumb sucking.  So the doctor recommended this device to stop this problem. I don't know if we are going to go quite that far but if everything else fails I will be ordering that bad boy.   The other thing that was decided was its time for allergy medications and a nebulizer.  Every time he starts to sound like we are headed toward croup I have to start the breathing treatments.  He has had 2 full days of treatments and already sounds so much better.  Hopefully by this winter time we will be healthy that way we can battle all the winter illnesses.  One can dream, right?

My Mother-In-Law's birthday was today.   It was so nice to be able to celebrate with her. She is such an amazing woman and I am truly blessed to have her in my life.  We stayed at their house last night since we were already down that way for the appointment.
We went on an adventure to find frozen yogurt

Not as big as iTop It, but it was delicious

The Bennett Crew (without mommy :( )

Our view on the drive home tonight

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