Friday, May 4, 2012

A busy day...

For the better part of the week I have been feeling pretty down.   I just couldn't get out of my funk.  Which is really odd because most of the time once I figure out what it causing the funk its easy to fix.  But this time not so much.  I knew what was causing the funk but there was no fixing it.  I tried my usual fixes talking to Jeremy, Praying, talking to my mom friends, exercise and lots of out doors time but nothing was working.  So yesterday on the 3 day of my funk I decided to sew.   Its been a while since I sewed something for myself, just for fun.   So here are my creations.   

First up is my clutch wallet.  Its quiet small but it will fit my phone, keys, cards, beeswax, and money when I am not feeling the need to carry my purse.  I think I am going to make a bigger version for my Nook.

I also made a contact lenses carrying case.  So I can keep my purse solution and case together.  I always have one or the other with me but not both.  Hopefully this will fix this on going problem.

And last but not least a sunglasses and a glasses case.   Yep the lenses are already scratched beyond help but maybe the next pairs will be saved with these cool cases.

It felt really good to sew.   Like I said its been a while.  The only problem is the minutes I step into my nice clean sewing room it ends up in a complete disaster.   My sewing room cannot stay clean when I am using my creativity. 

Who wants to clean it for me?

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