Monday, April 2, 2012

Where is my spatula?

Yep my post is all about my missing spatula and how it was found.  It was a very sad day for the waffle spatula.

See I have this favorite spatula for making waffles, its one of those you get with your George Foreman Grill that really has no use because its so flimsy and little. It usually ends up in the bottom of the utensil drawer and you only use it when you have been to lazy to wash dishes for a couple weeks.  Oh, wait! Am I then only one who does this?  Oh well, I am not ashamed. I hate doing dishes.   Anyways back to my spatula.  I was making waffles yesterday morning and couldn't find it. I was really bummed.  This meant using a fork and scraping the waffle maker.   I figured we would find it later is some crazy spot like Jeremy's boot or Eldon's bed.  What can I say, my kiddos are really good at hiding stuff.

Later in the day I was preheating the oven for bread making.  Can you tell where this post is going?  If not let me enlighten you.   We were also watching Gilmore Girls, when Jeremy says as he is running toward the kitchen "Look above the TV", since you were not there, it was smoke.  Coming from my preheating oven.  Guess what I found!

In case you can't make out what that burnt plastic to the bottom of my oven in desperate need of cleaning is, its my beloved spatula. I was sad.  

Lesson learned, always check the oven before turning it on.  

Thankfully the smell of burnt plastic didn't bake into my bread.   Thankfully the smoke and burnt smell didn't bring up bad memories.  Which is a first.  

So now I am on the hunt for another cheap George Foreman Spatula for waffle making. I may have to break down and buy this one off of eBay because I loved that thing so much.

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  1. OK. Phil pulled out the GF spatula and it will be on its way to you when you send an address!


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