Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday thoughts

I am baking up a storm today.  Of course I waited until the last minute tonight.  But I do have a good excuse, our swamp cooler was down all day and it was 95 here.  So I didn't start the baking until the cooler was up and running again.  I am making cake pops, brownies, and a cake. If the cake doesn't turn out the way I see it, I will be making 2 types of cake pops.

Bristol has the stomach flu.  Well let me back up, yesterday she was diagnosed with a bladder infection and then today she started throwing up everything she ate.  It was yucky.  Personally I never wanted to see what waffles looked like partially digested.   I feel bad for the little girl, she is miserable.  Hopefully she is better before this weekend or I will be going to Anza on my own.   I do not want to go to Anza on my own.

I got all the baby shower decorations done that I could.  What do you think of the center pieces?

I am in love with burlap!  And twine.   So much so that I had to make my own center piece for our table with my roses.

Even though Bristol isn't feeling good we played out back today. Her idea mind you. I figured puke it probably easier to deal with outdoors than on my carpet.  I am loving having a backyard with grass and a nice patio that we can enjoy.  Plus its April and warm.  I love California.

 Eldon has a little problem with dirt.  The problem being he doesn't like it.  Here is was trying to get me to pick up because he fell down and when he tried to get back up his hands got dirty.  

I am really hoping Eldon doesn't get sick.  Or me for that matter.  Hopefully it will just pass over us.   

Well that is my week so far!  How is yours going?

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