Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Bristol is the next Picasso.

Bristol also felt the need to take off all of Eldon's clothes Thursday morning including his diaper which resulted in all of his bedding needing a wash.

Date night!  I had forgotten what it felt like.  Friday night thanks to my amazing in laws we finally got to have a date night.  Apparently it was go out to eat night for everyone because the restaurant was packed.  Our yummy Olive Garden

We finally found a pediatrician.  One who actually likes kids.  Crazy that I would have to add that right but I have discovered that not all pediatricians like kids.   I think the last 2 we saw would have been better off working with dead people, not personality needed for that right?  Since we were only 4 months late doing Eldon's 1 year appointment, here are his stats:

I love the rain.  Friday the whole time we were in Lancaster it rained. It was awesome although kind of cold since my coat fell out of the truck into a puddle.  Thankfully I was wearing a warm sweater.

I can't believe Hilary's baby shower is next Saturday!  I still have so much to do.  Today I finished up all of my sewing projects for baby Daphne's bedding and diaper bag as well as made Daphne a few gifts.  She is going to be the 2nd cutest girl in the world!  My back is killing me from being chained to my sewing machine all day.

I plan to finish all of the decorations on Monday and Tuesday and then reserve Wednesday and Thursday for baking.

I am once again sick.  With the weather taking crazy turns constantly my sinus are very unsure what to do.

Today since I spent all day in my office I haven't gotten dressed, maybe I should do that now.

I got to sleep in both days this weekend, I can't remember the last time I slept in.  Of course sleeping into me these days is 8:30.

This was the first weekend in a long time that we stayed up here and didn't go to Lancaster for Saturday night family dinner.  It was nice.  Yesterday Jeremy worked on a truck for a buddy of his and today I sewed of course.  Plus lots of relaxing happened.

I probably should get off the computer and pay attention to the kids now since they have been in daddy's care all day.

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