Monday, April 9, 2012

Las Vegas we go...

Thursday as we were cooking dinner Jeremy got a phone call from a friend, he had broken down half way to the airport and asked if Jeremy could come rescue him and take him to the airport.  Since he was flying out of Las Vegas we decided to make a family trip and stay the night at Hilary's house so we could spend some time with her.  These little visits are really important to me since she will be moving to Italy after the summer time.  I know she will be staying with us until Daphne gets all of her traveling papers but I am really going to miss seeing my sister. Its not like we can hop in the car and go to visit her for a few days.  Unless we move to Italy too!  What do you think about that babe?  Can we move to Italy?   

I am loving Instagram for my phone.  It just came to Android devices.   
On the way to Vegas.  Bristol was watching Finding Nemo. Love the car TV.

Isn't that a beautiful site?  That is the best gas mileage we have ever gotten in the Beast!  

We finally got brave enough to go back to BJ's. For more on that click here. Maybe because it was in a different state?

All worn out form hanging out with Aunt Hilary!  

We also had a play date with a friend while we were up there but I didn't take any pictures of this maybe because 4 adults vs 4 kids isn't quite as equal as it sounds.

Nap time on the way home only lasted an hour of the 3 1/2 hour trip.  

It was a great little mini trip that I would totally repeat.  And I have to brag, Bristol didn't have any accidents on the way there or home. 

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