Monday, April 16, 2012

Eldon, hair cuts, and the couches

I totally forgot to write Eldon's stats in my last post so here they are:
Height: 31 inches
Weight: 26.5 pounds

We decided to redye our slip covers.  The original color wasn't exactly what I was going for but I couldn't find any other grey so we just went with it.  After 6 months of living with the Silver Grey I decided it was enough. Since I couldn't find another darker grey that I liked I went ahead and used black.  Jeremy had suggested it a while but I wasn't ready to live with black slip covers if things didn't go as planned.  But I gave in. This is what they looked like before:

And the after:

There are a couple of dark spots but I can live with them.  They do kind of have a blue tint which is brought out even more by the blue carpet.  

I still want to do the ottoman for the living room as well.  Plus I am planning to redo the curtains.  My next project is going to be the TV desk.  I have a vision for it and I hope it works out.  

Someone got a hair cut.

We didn't have very much taken off just enough to even out the natural layers.  She was so good getting her hair cut and very excited about it.

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