Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12: Day 78-84

7 full days of pictures!  Unheard of right?
Today it was raining so we went for a hot chocolate run to Starbucks.  This was Eldon and Bristol's first time tasting the hot chocolate.  They thought it was yummy.

Such a good big sissy!

While me and Bristol were baking Eldon felt the need to take the lid off the trash can and sit in it! DISGUSTING!  Needless to say, the trash can is not in a locked cabinet.  Oh and in the bottom picture, Eldon managed to take his diaper off, without removing the pants.  

Blondie wasn't thrilled to be Bristol's play mate, but it made Bristol happy!

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  1. OK. The diaper through the pants trick left me in tears... of laughter.


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