Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day for me!

I mentioned doing a day in the life of me post a while back, finally i decided to do it.  I documented the day with my phone and camera.

My alarm starts going of at 7am so I can shower before the kiddos wake up around 8am.  As you can see this was a late morning! Its actually 7:48, we have our room clock set fast.  Its hard to figure out how much time you ACTUALLY have to hit the snooze button when you are half asleep.

As soon as I was out of the shower, I stripped the bed to wash the sheets.  Then I went to get the kids.  I usually only do 1 load of laundry a day and the first one normally goes in before I get the kids that way its ready to be folded later in the morning.

This morning was waffle making morning.  Which means our freezer stash ran out.  Yummy Yummy waffles. We also can't forget to turn on the coffee maker.  Life would cease without it!

During breakfast, since the kiddos are usually occupied and pretty quite I read my bible for the day.

Usually around 9am we are done with breakfast.  The kiddos play together and I read blogs, catch up on Facebook, and Pinterest.  Oh and we can't forget to play Draw Something.

9:30am Today is bath day for the kids as well.  I only bathe them every other day, I know yucky right!   Oh well it works for us.   If It wasn't bath day, I would use this time to run.

A clean Fuss!

10am.... Eldon goes down for the nap and I put on the electronic babysitter.  This is the time of the day I use to get the house clean. With only one kiddo to watch after it is much easier to clean.  Normally this is the only time that I turn on the tv for them in the day.   

Paije is making sure Bristol is behaving as well!

10-12pm. I made up the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, put away air dry laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and picked up toys scattered through out the house.  Today I was super motivated and organized my baking cabinet. It was also diaper washing day.

12 pm Lunch Time.  We had a very special visitor today!
Quesadillas, oranges, apples, and tomatoes

While daddy was home, we played outside.

1:30pm  NAP TIME!  WOO HOO! I survived.   During nap time, I do nothing for the kids, house, or husband.  Its all my time.   

Today, I am making a quilt.  This is for Daphne, my still baking niece.  She has 9 weeks left.  

 Wow, I got a lot done in an a little over 2 hours!

4pm.  Daddy gets home.   While he makes salmon for dinner, me and the kiddos are playing the backyard again. The goal, you ask?  I would like to NOT glow in the dark this summer.  With as much time as we spent outside today I think its going to happen. 

YUMMY!  I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.

5:30 pm... Dinner is done, off to the park we go.

6:45 We are home.  Playing with legos until bed time.

7:30 The kiddos are in bed!  HOORAY we survived yet another day.

I am currently sitting on the couch right now.  Relaxing, unwinding, spending time with the hubby.  At 9 we will work out an then go to bed.    

A fun, very productive, sun field day.  

What do you do in a day?

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