Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday- Tuesday thoughts!

I love 10 Things I hate about you!  Its been a while since we have watched it.  But it is one of my all time favorites.  Another one of my favorite movies is Something to Talk About, unfortunately I can't find it since we moved.  I think maybe Jeremy misplaced it.  It is one of his least favorite movies.  I normally watch it while he is at work.

I love sugar.  I go through periods where I try to cut it out but the simple fact is a I can't.  And when I do try to cut it out I binge on it.  So I am finally accepting that I need to have one sugary delicious snack a day. In honor of this I made whoopie pies.  Yum Yum YUM!  Now I just need to remember portion control on the sugar!

I started writing this Sunday night, it is now Tuesday morning.  Maybe I will get it finished today.

I made a dress this past weekend but totally forgot to take a picture of it.  Maybe I will do that this evening.

I could really use a date night, day, or a few hours stretch with Jeremy kid free because I am craving fresh bread and Italian food. Olive Garden or Johnny Carinos would fix this.

This kids picked up their blocks last night, on their own, without bribing!  It was awesome.  We did a victory dance when they were done.  Maybe we are doing something right!

I didn't clean yesterday.  AT ALL!  I was feeling lazy and unmotivated.   Plus Eldon didn't take his usual morning nap which is when I get everything done.  While it was nice to not clean I have double the work today.

I am loving the rain.  We are supposed to get some more tomorrow and I cannot wait.  FREE water for the lawn.

Bristol is getting mad at Eldon right now because he wants to play with the blocks and she wants them to stay in their bin.  My child may be slightly OCD.

We haven't been to the park in a couple of days because the wind has be horrible.  I miss getting outside.

Every day I plan to do my yard work its either windy, rainy, or cold.  On Sunday it was all 3.   I really need to prune my roses and pull the weeds.   Maybe I will work on that during nap time today if the weather stays nice.

I haven't run in over a week.  I once again have no motivation to do this.  Although with bathing suit season quickly approaching you would think I would be working out 5 times a day. Not so much, instead I am eating whoopie pies. YUMMY!

I should be getting a new season 3 Gilmore Girl's disk in the mail today.  I bought seasons 1 and 2 a while back for $14.99 because it was such a good deal.  When I looked at getting seasons 3-7 they unfortunately were not $14.99.   Oh Jeremy, you asked what I want for my birthday, this would work!  Seasons 3-7 Gilmore Girls!   Yes in case you were afraid time had sped up and you missed a few months no you did not, I still have a little over 5 months until my birthday.   Yikes lets stop thinking about that because that means in 5 months we will have a 3 year old.  How is this possible?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 12: Day 78-84

7 full days of pictures!  Unheard of right?
Today it was raining so we went for a hot chocolate run to Starbucks.  This was Eldon and Bristol's first time tasting the hot chocolate.  They thought it was yummy.

Such a good big sissy!

While me and Bristol were baking Eldon felt the need to take the lid off the trash can and sit in it! DISGUSTING!  Needless to say, the trash can is not in a locked cabinet.  Oh and in the bottom picture, Eldon managed to take his diaper off, without removing the pants.  

Blondie wasn't thrilled to be Bristol's play mate, but it made Bristol happy!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eldon's crib.

It took Jeremy 14 months but he finally finished the drawing on Eldon's crib.  Here is the middle process.

Here is the finished product shown with Bristol's drawing.  Aren't they awesome?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A day for me!

I mentioned doing a day in the life of me post a while back, finally i decided to do it.  I documented the day with my phone and camera.

My alarm starts going of at 7am so I can shower before the kiddos wake up around 8am.  As you can see this was a late morning! Its actually 7:48, we have our room clock set fast.  Its hard to figure out how much time you ACTUALLY have to hit the snooze button when you are half asleep.

As soon as I was out of the shower, I stripped the bed to wash the sheets.  Then I went to get the kids.  I usually only do 1 load of laundry a day and the first one normally goes in before I get the kids that way its ready to be folded later in the morning.

This morning was waffle making morning.  Which means our freezer stash ran out.  Yummy Yummy waffles. We also can't forget to turn on the coffee maker.  Life would cease without it!

During breakfast, since the kiddos are usually occupied and pretty quite I read my bible for the day.

Usually around 9am we are done with breakfast.  The kiddos play together and I read blogs, catch up on Facebook, and Pinterest.  Oh and we can't forget to play Draw Something.

9:30am Today is bath day for the kids as well.  I only bathe them every other day, I know yucky right!   Oh well it works for us.   If It wasn't bath day, I would use this time to run.

A clean Fuss!

10am.... Eldon goes down for the nap and I put on the electronic babysitter.  This is the time of the day I use to get the house clean. With only one kiddo to watch after it is much easier to clean.  Normally this is the only time that I turn on the tv for them in the day.   

Paije is making sure Bristol is behaving as well!

10-12pm. I made up the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, put away air dry laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and picked up toys scattered through out the house.  Today I was super motivated and organized my baking cabinet. It was also diaper washing day.

12 pm Lunch Time.  We had a very special visitor today!
Quesadillas, oranges, apples, and tomatoes

While daddy was home, we played outside.

1:30pm  NAP TIME!  WOO HOO! I survived.   During nap time, I do nothing for the kids, house, or husband.  Its all my time.   

Today, I am making a quilt.  This is for Daphne, my still baking niece.  She has 9 weeks left.  

 Wow, I got a lot done in an a little over 2 hours!

4pm.  Daddy gets home.   While he makes salmon for dinner, me and the kiddos are playing the backyard again. The goal, you ask?  I would like to NOT glow in the dark this summer.  With as much time as we spent outside today I think its going to happen. 

YUMMY!  I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.

5:30 pm... Dinner is done, off to the park we go.

6:45 We are home.  Playing with legos until bed time.

7:30 The kiddos are in bed!  HOORAY we survived yet another day.

I am currently sitting on the couch right now.  Relaxing, unwinding, spending time with the hubby.  At 9 we will work out an then go to bed.    

A fun, very productive, sun field day.  

What do you do in a day?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 11: Day 70-77

Not a full 7 days of pictures this week but there is a picture of me with Bristol this time.  Its been a while since  me or Jeremy have been in one of the pictures.  We definitely need take more pictures of us with the kids.   

Monday, March 19, 2012

32 years!

Happy Birthday baby!

If I was a good wife I would have borrowed baby pictures of Jeremy and scanned them into the computer so you could see what he looked like as a newborn but I am not awesome like that.  Instead you get a picture of us trying to look smitten.  We sucked at looking smitten for family pictures. Instead we laughed a whole bunch.

I am very lucky to have this man in my life.  He is an amazing husband, father, and man of God.

I am so thankful that 7 years ago today, he asked me to dance.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It occurred to me in church this morning that we have been attending more services here than we could in Colorado. When we were in Colorado we could only go to church a 2 Saturdays a month and 2 Wednesdays a month because of Jeremy's schedule.  Before Bristol and Eldon were born I would go without him but it was to hard to take both kids on my own.  When we got out of service it was time to start bed time and trying to get back in the house with 2 little ones and get them right to bed was just to much for me.  I tried the Sunday services a couple time but the kids were always miserable because it was right at nap time.  So the whole point of that explanation was we only went to church 4 times a month.  Not the 8 times we could have gone.  I loved going to services.  They were convicting, thought provoking, emotional, healing, eye opening, and left me thirsty and ready to dive into the word the next day.  Seeking more of God, striving to be more like Jesus.

When we moved back, I feel like I lost that hunger.  God didn't leave, I didn't loose my bible.   I feel so distant these days from what my relationship used to be.  I know there are periods in everyone's walk of faith were God seems more distant.   But He is not.  He is always there. Every step is a lesson, every mile is a step closer to Him and the person he wants me to become.   I am happy to be back in California but I feel like I left God in Colorado.  I know this is not true.  I know its my fault.  I am hungry for His presence but am I seeking it like I was before we moved?   God is everywhere, He is waiting for me to press in.

My desire for this week is to press in, to seek Him in everything.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

My blogging has been going in a very unusual pattern lately.  Obviously this week I have a lot to say!

I am really into painting my nails these days. I am not good at it.   Most of the time there is more nail polish on my fingers than on the nails.  They usually chip the next day.   But I love it.  It makes me feel pretty on an otherwise frumpy housewife day.
told you I get more on my fingers than nails.

Our big outing of the day was to Walmart.  I hate saying that. I hate Walmart and avoid it at all cost. I miss Target.  With its clean store, bright lights, wonderful clothing section, and just all around Target awesomeness.    Did I mention, I miss Target?

I also miss Jo-Ann's.  I haven't been since before Christmas.  This is unheard of.  It doesn't help that the closest one is 1 1/2 hours away, very close to Target, and is always very busy.  This could be because we normally go on a Saturday.

I need to go to sugar rehab.  Before we left Colorado I was doing so good on my sugar intake.  Only drinking my sugar, I can't help it if I am addicted to Starbucks. Was at my lowest weight in 5 years.   Exercising every day.  And then Wham!  Move back to California, new jobs, finding our own place, hanging out with family, visiting the sister in Las Vegas and now I am back to my so so weight.  Still pre baby weight.  But I am definitely not as toned as I would like to be.  I am more one big jello body.  Attractive, right?
my current vices

The pictures on my phone are taking forever to upload.  I just restarted it so hopefully it will hurry up.

I am almost done cleaning my sewing room.  The closet was a disaster.  Towards the end of unpacking we just started throwing things in there and closing the doors as quickly as possible so we weren't attacked by it.  A week or so ago, I decided to pull everything out and re organize it.  Clearly, I should have my head examined!  But its almost done then I need to start on Daphne's baby bedding.

I am super excited to be an Aunt again.  Hilary is going to be such an awesome mom.  She is so young at heart and that will be awesome for her kiddos.   We finally got her baby shower invites in the mail and now I need to start making the decorations.  The bedding.  Oh and my gifts for Daphne.  Maybe I shouldn't be blogging right now.

I love the sunshine. How I missed it in the 6 years we lived away from it.   I love that its still sunny at 7pm.  Also that I am already in my flip flops for the year.

Jeremy's birthday is on Monday. I already gave him is gift.  I still can't believe that is will be 7 years since we met.

I think that is all I have to say for the day.  I hope you are having a Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phone, Yellow, and Polka Dots!

What about that title is there not to love?  I am in love with the color yellow right now, then add polka dots and I am one happy girl.  I wanted a really cute phone case for my phone but since I am not an iPhone person finding a cute case is impossible.  All that is out there is solid very boring colors.  So when I saw this idea on How to Nest for Less I had to do it.  You take a clear phone case and the scrapbook paper of your choice.   I decided to use Yellow with polka dots.   Its didn't work out very good.  Unlike an iPhone my phone isn't flat on the back which made the paper do funky things.  Jeremy suggested reverse painting.  So we went and bought our supplies.
Also we bought 1/4inch dot labels from Staples.

Next I washed my phone case with dish soap.

Then I started putting the dots on the inside of the case.

view from the outside.

Then we painted the yellow.  I totally forgot to take a picture of that.

Off with the dots.  I used tweezers and my nails to get them off.
Next up, we sprayed the white paint.

 Isn't it beautiful?

All together with drying time it took 24 hours.  But the actual dot placement, removal and painting took all of 30 minutes.   

Monday, March 12, 2012

Diapers, Laundry, No sleep

I love cloth diapering.  I know that sounds so weird but it is the truth.   I like that I do this for the kiddos. I would take cloth diapers over breastfeeding any day.  I definitely did not rock the breastfeeding.  I was good at it. It was very easy, but I would much rather spend my day playing with the kiddos then being stuck under one of them while they eat. I barely made it 6 months with Eldon and Bristol there was no way I was going to be one of those women who breast feed their kids until they are 10.

While I do not mind washing the diapers, I HATE washing every thing else. I despise the laundry.  Mainly the kids clothes because its a million little things that have to be folded and hung up.  But I do at least one load every day to stay on top of it.

No sleep.  It sucks. I am not a person who can survive on little or no sleep.  Neither can the people around me.  They are much happier when I sleep.  Saturday night we spent the night elsewhere.   Which meant that ALL 4 of us were in the same room for the night.  The kiddos were each in a play pin. Around 2 am Jeremy got up to pee and scared Bristol. In order to keep her from waking everyone up, I let her lay down in the bed with us.  I don't see how people sleep in the same bed as their children. It is a NIGHTMARE.  We have always said we would never allow our children to sleep with us and besides a handful of occasions most being when we are all sleeping in the same room we have stuck to this.   Anyways there was no sleep for the Bennett't between 2-5am and when we finally did fall asleep it was to Bristol hogging the whole bed.

I think I want to do a day in the life of me post.  I know most people think that I do nothing during the day because I am a stay at home mom.  Often I am asked if I get bored. Heck yes I get bored, but its not from the lack of stuff to do, its from doing the same stuff day after day.  So I think I am going to give you a view of my day.  First I need to have my house spotless so we can all pretend that's what it always looks like all the time!

Happy Monday!

Week 10: Day 64-70

I love when they play together

The picture of Bristol is kind of cut off but she was wearing my running shoes around the house all day. Jeremy is working on Eldon's crib drawing, Eldon is supervising!

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