Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend away

Thursday night when we decided to get away for the weekend we were pretty exhausted and needed something to rejuvenate us.  We just needed some time as a family away from everything.  Our destination, Birch Aquarium in San Diego with my parents and grandparents.  It was a lot of fun, although it was a little hard with by Bristol being sick.  

I was quite annoyed when I went to put on my pants and discovered they were dirty. So a little last minute laundry was in the plans. 

I finally got dressed :)

My dad's rock wall.  He has some pretty cool plans for this thing. 

Eldon thought the big fish tanks were awesome.  

Bristol did too

Eldon really wanted to play with the sharks, as a compromise mommy let him touch the tank.

I thought the sea horse were pretty cool.

Its amazing how much crud you need when traveling with 2 little ones.

Sick Fuss relaxing on daddy

Beautiful sun set

Really Savanna, a picture of your salad?  Yes why this is a picture of my salad. I love this salad. Its from the Texas Roadhouse.  My favorite place to eat, unfortunately there are only like 5 in California.  The closest one being a 3 hour drive.  Thankfully its on the way to my parents house.
Eldon insisted we put all his food in this basket.  

A very exhausted Jeremy!

One this this weekend made me realize, I really miss southern California.  I would not consider where we live to be southern, more middle.  But once you hit Riverside there is so much green beauty to look at.  Trees, mountains, plants.  Everywhere you turn is green.  Its beautiful.  

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