Monday, February 20, 2012

Holiday randomness

I hope these pictures show up, because this post will be boring without the proof.  Tonight at dinner, we were talking about Bristol's car.  For anyone who doesn't know and for Jeremy who is still living in denial, this is the 95 Green GMC Yukon sitting in our garage.    Anyways, I was teaching Bristol to say "Drive daddy's truck when I am 16!"  Which she of course repeated.  Score one for mommy. Then I proceeded to stick my tongue out at Jeremy.  Which Bristol was watching me do.  So to save my super great mommy-ness I told her to ignore what she saw and to never stick her tongue out at daddy.   Then because I am a super great mommy as previously mentioned, I put my hand up to block Bristol's view and stuck my tongue back out at Jeremy.  Bristol decided to copy this gesture.  So I took a picture :)

Anyone notice the dog with crazy eyes sneaking food off the table?

In other events, being that the kids have been sick the last 2 weeks I am just now getting around to some much needed cleaning.  Say hello to all of our dirty dishes.  Out of control! Right?  Yeah, that super mommy-ness is all in my head!  

Happy Monday everyone. 

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