Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 hour!

What a difference an hour can make.  Normally I get up at the same time as the kids, which is 7:30-8am.   We eat breakfast, I read my bible, they play and I catch up on facebook and my never ending blog roll.  Then if its bath day I give the kiddos a bath and by this time its 10.  Which is Eldon's first nap.  I put Eldon down in the play pin in my craft room and Bristol goes into her room to play while I take my shower and get ready for the day.  I also usually try to make up my bed, fold clothes, and do my major chore for today.  Monday and Tuesday I did things a little different. Instead of waiting for the kids to wake up, I got up at 7am and took my shower.  This left the hours of 10-12 for chores.  Boy, what difference that made.  Monday I folded all my laundry that had accumulated in baskets over the weekend, made the bed, picked up toys that were scattered all over the house, and topped it off by vacuuming.  Yesterday, I managed to mop, make the bed, fold clothes, go for a run, put dinner in the crock-pot and top it off with a trip to the grocery store all before Bristol and Eldon's 1:30pm nap time.  It was amazing!

So you would think today, I would get up at 7am right?  No, not so much. Instead I stayed up reading my book until 1am and had no desire to get out of bed before the kids.  Which resulted in a whole lot of nothing being accomplished today.  

Does an hour make a huge difference for you as well?

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