Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Tuesday random thoughts!

I really need to do last weeks 365.  I am procrastinating.

I hate when its windy on the days I plan to run.  Savanna + Jogging stroller+ wind= major fail.   So I will not be running today.  Which is a huge bummer because I wont get to run until Saturday again.  I like to run.

I should never procrastinate my daily chores.  Yesterday Jeremy surprised me by coming home for lunch and staying the rest of the day.  I was going to vacuum after lunch, the last chore on my cleaning list, and it never got done. I said I would do it after nap time, then after dinner, finally I said right before bed time.  But this morning I woke up to my non vacuumed house.  Which means LOTS of dog hair.

I love Jeremy's job.

I really should be cleaning instead of blogging.  I have lots to do today.  Laundry, mopping, vacuuming, packing, cleaning out my car (only for it to get dirty again).  Boy, I think I need a second cup of coffee!  There is  nothing wrong with 40 oz of coffee in a day, right?

I am super excited.  Tomorrow me and the kiddos are heading up to Las Vegas to hang out with my sister.  We are going to make her baby shower invites, maybe got to a museum.  I also have a play date planned with a wonderful mommy friend and her cute little boys.

I hit the snooze button way to many times this morning.  The alarm starts going off around 7 and I usually don't drag my butt out of bed until around 7:30-7:40.

Why is it that I have a harder time falling asleep the later we go to bed.   Last night we went to bed around 11pm and I didn't fall asleep until 1am.  Which stunk, since the day start all over again at 7.

I am really excited about going to my sisters house but at the same time I am really sad.  Jeremy has to work so he is staying behind.  I don't like traveling without the hubby.  Oh wait, I don't like doing anything without the husband.  Its a problem, one I have no desire to fix.  I love my husband and want to spend every waking minute with him.  I know most don't feel this way but what can I say, we have always had a freakishly close relationship.

I can't believe that Jeremy's birthday is right around the corner.  He will be 32.  Which means that 7 years ago we met.  I knew that night while choking down disgusting peanut butter death cheese cake that he was the man for me!   I am so glad I am over pretending to like peanut butter as much as him.   Its a way of life for him, for me its something that keeps the jelly happy on my PB&J.

I am still really bummed about this no running thing.

Now that I have effectively wasted 20 minutes of my day, I need to get up and clean.

Oh wait, I love to post pictures.  Here is one I took yesterday.  Bristol was insisting on holding Eldon when he woke up and to my surprise he was perfectly happy to sit in her lap for 10 minutes.  That is an eternity in toddler time.

Happy Tuesday folks!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fabric bookshelves

I started this project a while back. It was before Eldon's birthday.  Which means it was before the stomach flu, pneumonia, severe croup, double ear infections, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections, hand foot mouth disease, and last but not least finger infections.  Wow!  What an illness ridden month January and February have been.  I really wanted to get these up before Eldon's birthday party but since most of the illnesses I listed were the week of the party, things did not go as planned.  Oh wait as I was looking for the link to Eldon's birthday party, I came across the infamous restaurant banishment post, how I forgot about that is beyond me!

Anyways back to my fabric bookshelves.  Before I discovered the beauties of Pinterest, I had book marked a tutorial from Penny Carnival.  I loved the idea and swore I was going to do it.  Then we had Eldon which meant we had 2 kids under 2 at the time and just to keep things interesting we decided to move from Colorado to California all with 2 weeks notice.  So without further ado here on my new book shelves.

I couldn't find double curtain rod holders at any stores so Jeremy made them for me.  What do you think of the shelves?  Don't you just love their little reading spot?  I think I need to make a bean bag chair for this area as well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch Girls!

It sounds dirty, doesn't it?  Well if you knew what Miss Bristol was referring too you would know she is referring to the absolute best show in the world, Gilmore Girls.  When she looks at me with her pretty brown eyes and says "Watch Girls", I am a goner.  I automatically put in Gilmore Girls.   She is a very smart kid, she knows that if she ask for Girls I am more likely to say yes than if she was to ask for Cookie Monster, Elmo, Lightening, Turtles (Finding Nemo), or Veggie Tales.   I am so happy that I passed my love for this show on to her.
Could you say "No" to these eyes? 

In case you forget, I am a super awesome mommy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 7: Day 43-49

I went to fold clothes and came out to find Bristol unwrapping dove chocolate for the little buddy!

This is a Seattle's Best Coffee can!

Holiday randomness

I hope these pictures show up, because this post will be boring without the proof.  Tonight at dinner, we were talking about Bristol's car.  For anyone who doesn't know and for Jeremy who is still living in denial, this is the 95 Green GMC Yukon sitting in our garage.    Anyways, I was teaching Bristol to say "Drive daddy's truck when I am 16!"  Which she of course repeated.  Score one for mommy. Then I proceeded to stick my tongue out at Jeremy.  Which Bristol was watching me do.  So to save my super great mommy-ness I told her to ignore what she saw and to never stick her tongue out at daddy.   Then because I am a super great mommy as previously mentioned, I put my hand up to block Bristol's view and stuck my tongue back out at Jeremy.  Bristol decided to copy this gesture.  So I took a picture :)

Anyone notice the dog with crazy eyes sneaking food off the table?

In other events, being that the kids have been sick the last 2 weeks I am just now getting around to some much needed cleaning.  Say hello to all of our dirty dishes.  Out of control! Right?  Yeah, that super mommy-ness is all in my head!  

Happy Monday everyone. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Random thoughts

Random thoughts or things that happened today.

Bristol's blanket was in the dryer.  I told her it was bed time, did she want to go get blanket. "No, mommy get blankie!"  Okay, child whatever you want.   Jeremy then proceeds to get blanket because both kids wanted me to carry them to their room.   Bristol sees that daddy is getting blanket.... "NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOO daddy!  Mommy get blanket."    At this point we are both cracking up laughing therefore damaging our kid forever.  Seriously?  A breakdown over who pulls the blanket out of the dryer.   Ah, that isn't even the worst most random one today.  

I am finally getting on my redecorating the kiddos bedroom kick.  I picked out the fabrics, not I am just sitting on them.  I like to ponder fabric pairings for a couple of days before I commit to them.  What do you think?

As we are putting Bristol to bed, I decide to try my hand at french braiding.  I suck at braiding, which I mentioned to Jeremy.  His suggestion is " We can put a fork in the drill and braid her hair that way!"... then he says to Bristol " You should pray your mommy never runs away!".   Note to self... hide my drill.

We went on a 2 mile walk today because the nice sunny California weather finally came back.   Eldon had to bring his bear.   Which he has been attached to all day.

I made taco soup for dinner tonight.  I am slightly obsessed with this recipe.  We have it at least twice a week. Its so easy.  Tonight I made a double batch to freeze that way we can enjoy it again soon with half the work.  You can find the recipe here.
Its not polite to point out my messy stove. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 6: Day 36-42

I did a horrible job at taking pictures of the kids this week but in my defense, we had a lot going on.   The picture below has to be one of my favorites.  We were at a Super Bowl party and Bristol decided there needed to a decent half time show.  She was playing the piano and singing a song.  When she was done with her song she would get down and start yelling "Yaaaaaayyyyyy!" while clapping. It was adorable if I do say so myself.  I am not biased at all.... I am just the mother.   

I found the following video on my camera. I really need to read up on the video settings figuring out how to get the person in focus while I am taping.  We don't want orange-tinted family videos.

Eldon and Bristol both loved the aquarium.  Bristol got to see Nemo in real life.  Talk about an exciting thing for a 2 year old who is obsessed with Nemo and the turtles on Nemo.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A weekend away

Thursday night when we decided to get away for the weekend we were pretty exhausted and needed something to rejuvenate us.  We just needed some time as a family away from everything.  Our destination, Birch Aquarium in San Diego with my parents and grandparents.  It was a lot of fun, although it was a little hard with by Bristol being sick.  

I was quite annoyed when I went to put on my pants and discovered they were dirty. So a little last minute laundry was in the plans. 

I finally got dressed :)

My dad's rock wall.  He has some pretty cool plans for this thing. 

Eldon thought the big fish tanks were awesome.  

Bristol did too

Eldon really wanted to play with the sharks, as a compromise mommy let him touch the tank.

I thought the sea horse were pretty cool.

Its amazing how much crud you need when traveling with 2 little ones.

Sick Fuss relaxing on daddy

Beautiful sun set

Really Savanna, a picture of your salad?  Yes why this is a picture of my salad. I love this salad. Its from the Texas Roadhouse.  My favorite place to eat, unfortunately there are only like 5 in California.  The closest one being a 3 hour drive.  Thankfully its on the way to my parents house.
Eldon insisted we put all his food in this basket.  

A very exhausted Jeremy!

One this this weekend made me realize, I really miss southern California.  I would not consider where we live to be southern, more middle.  But once you hit Riverside there is so much green beauty to look at.  Trees, mountains, plants.  Everywhere you turn is green.  Its beautiful.  
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