Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random thoughts on this Sunday

We are still struggling with finding a church.   We have pretty much given up on finding a church in this little town that we live in.   Maybe we gave up so easily because we have both been hurt big time by small town churches.  Maybe that is why we like bigger churches.   Or maybe we like bigger churches because they offer so much for you to get involved in.   Maybe we like big churches because our one experience with a big church was amazing.   God's word was taught verse by verse.  The views of the pastor or the board of directors didn't change what God had to say.   Maybe its because for the 2 years that Bristol was in the nursery they treated her like their own child.  They welcomed her, they encouraged her.  They were amazed when she started walking, talking, and potty training.  They were truly there to help us raise our child.  Just like a church should be.  They made us feel welcome.  In a church with thousands of members to know 2 little kids by name, that is pretty special.   We felt God's hand on our move back to California.  Jeremy has an amazing job, one where he comes home every day happy.  Some days he works 8 hours others he works 3 hours.  It is wonderful. I love having my husband home so much, Bristol and Eldon love having the stability of daddy being home.  We also love being around our families. I love that when we are going to visit them, Bristol knows when we turn onto Maga and Paga's street.   Its nice to drop them off and run errands alone.   One thing that struck me last night is this, it took us 9 months to find RMC in Colorado.  We have only been here for 5 months.    But I do not want to wait another 4 months to feel at home when I walk in to church, I don't want to go another 5 months of dropping my children off at the nursery to have her be ignored by the staff.   I don't want to go another 5 months feeling like my children are not being shown who God is when we are at church.

Wow that was heavy!  Now for the lighter stuff.

I have the last 2 weeks of 365 ready to go.  Although with Picnik going away I am not sure what I will edit my pictures on.   I will try and get those pictures up today, although lately I haven't had the attention span to sit at the computer and blog.

Well that is all I have for this Sunday.  Can you believe that January is almost over?

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