Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas decorating

I love the smell of our Christmas tree.  It is a beautiful thing.  I wish my house smelled like this all year long.

We decorated, finally!  With only 15 days left till Christmas (we decorated Monday) , I told Jeremy we had to get the decorations up or it just wasn't happening this year.   So we headed to out to find a tree.  First we checked at the local church Christmas Tree Lot but they wanted $60 for a little 5 foot thing.   While I have no problem paying a fair price for a tree my goal was around $40.    We were going to go and cut down our tree on Sunday but Saturday was a really busy day and neither of us had the energy to go tree cutting.  But next year it will be happening.  So after the $60 experience I suggested Home Depot.  When we lived in Wyoming that is were we got our first Christmas tree.  They had a pretty awesome selection.  Our tree was $24 dollars, which left money for new lights.    I am kind of picky about the lights.  I really only wanted clear lights on the tree but we only had multi colored , red, and blue strands.  

Our tree with half the the lights and the weirdo branch sticking out.   It gives it character.

Bristol absolutely loved the decorating and un-decorating.  

Eldon thought I needed a light helper.

"Mommy, look at these big socks!" I am bummed it came out so blurry.

Next year I would like to upgrade our stockings.  Or maybe just buy super cheap ones again and let the kids decorate them. 

I decided to make the comfort and joy sign on my cricut because the mantel looked kind of plain without it. Don't you just love that our routers are still there?  I tried to cover them better but it wasn't working.

The tree.  It had a lot more ornaments on it but the kids decided their new goal in life was to take them off.  So I put a few up high, including my ornaments given to me by my parents each year and the rest are sitting in the decorations box.  I personally think a tree with only lights on it is kid of pretty.  I never did find my tree skirt so I used some of my minky fabric from my stash as a tree skirt, which I really like.

I really wasn't sure how the whole decorating process would go with the kids or if I would enjoy it but it was a blast.   They had so much joy.  It really did rub off on me and I actually enjoyed decorating for Christmas this year.  It was perfect we listened to worship music on Pandora, because I am a Christmas music hater, the kids made a complete mess, but their was lots of smiles.  What more could a mommy ask for?   

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Random Tuesday

I bought 2 books on Friday and have yet to read them.  The first one I bought wouldn't work with my Nook so since I wanted to read really bad I bought a second one.  Then Jeremy turned on Captain America during nap time and I watched that instead.   I really like clean action movies.  My favorite movie is GI Joe. Don't get me wrong I like to watch movies like the Expendables but Captain America and GI Joe are equally great movies without all the language.  Yep, I have turned into a prude.

We have started decorating the house.   Our tree, from Home Depot, went up last night.   The kids love it.   Their decorating style is pretty interesting.    I am only adding a few ornaments to the tree to try and balance their style.   We also decorated our mantel.   I should have pictures later today.    I don't want to post pictures until I can find my tree skirt but for some reason it isn't in the box with the rest of the decorations.  We also need to find mantel hangers for our stockings.  

Jeremy had to take a picture of the tree on the beast.

Jeremy put up a strand of lights in each of the kids room just for fun.   Last night it was so cute, they kept running back and forth between the 2 rooms to look at them.  Bristol's didn't bother her while she was falling asleep because she passed out pretty quickly but an hour later Eldon was wide awake so Jeremy went in an unplugged his.  

I am once again slacking on my present making.  My goal to get Hilary's presents in the mail yesterday didn't happen and probably wont happen today.  I am 90% done with Daphne's present, its just getting the motivation to do the other 10% that is killing me.

We got our new coffee pot!!!!!!  Yes it needed that many explanation points.   And I am loving my black coffee again.

Well I think I am done with this random post about nothing.  Have a wonderful Tuesday.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday ramblings with a few phone pictures.

If I took a hammer to the coffee maker, do you think Jeremy would let me buy a new one?  We had the same coffee pot for 6 years, it was amazing and then when it broke we replaced it with a cheap one.  Big mistake!  It makes horrible coffee and I am so over it.  The coffee taste like it has been reheated a thousand times.   No amount of creamer can disguise the taste and since I love black coffee this is a problem.  

Eldon is a potty trained rock star.  It feels so weird to say that.  He decided a few weeks back that he was done with diapers and wanted to use the potty.   Since then the stomach flu has visited us, we have all had massive colds, and we have been super busy but this little boy was determined.  He even uses the big potty.  I love it.   Although I have to say he is super messy and I wish I had a maid who could sterilize the bathroom after every use.    The other day he even had his first success on a public potty.   He still wears pull ups for bedtime and nap time but keeps his nap time one dry.  I also like to keep him in a pull up when we are out and about, he wont use it but I like to have it on in case he falls asleep or I can't get him to the potty right away.  Its amazing how long he can hold his pee when he wants to but when mommy wants him to hold it so we can find a bathroom it is the end of the world.  

We still don't have any Christmas decorations up.  We are going to try to cut down our tree this weekend but if it doesn't happen we will probably just put up our white tree.  

Eldon and Bristol got to pick their special reward for filling up the chore chart last night.   They chose ice cream.  Is any one surprised?   I wasn't sure how well the chore chart would work at first and I thought it would be a lot more work for me but it is actually going pretty well with very little protest.  Probably because they know if they put up a stink they still have to do what I ask but they do not get a sticker.   The other day I was sitting on the couch and I look over and see Bristol studying her chart, she came over to me and said "Mommy, I pick up blocks, I get a sticker?"  "Of course, and since I didn't have to ask you, you can have 2 stickers."  It was a very proud mommy moment.  
I love how chaotic his chart is

I was seriously slacking on my quiet book making this week.   I was so tired.  Normally I work on them as soon as the kids go to bed but instead I was going to bed.  Finally on Wednesday, I had to get my butt in gear.   I want to have Daphne's in the mail on Monday so hopefully it makes it to Italy by Christmas.  I should probably buy Hilary's gift as well.  I just looked at the USPS website, they say I have till the 17th to ship to the military but I have a hard time believing that.  I will be sticking with my plan of getting it in the mail by Monday 
Does the girl need a face?

Does someone want to make up my meal list for the next week and do the shopping?  While your at it, could you also cook all the dinners?   It would be greatly appreciated.

We did school twice this week!  We would do it today but we did all the lessons I had planned for today on Monday and Wednesday.  Bristol loves doing school work.   So next week I am planning a lot more.  My goal is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Even if my house is a disaster.
She is trying so hard to color inside the lines

Bristol and Eldon love looking at Christmas lights.  Last night on the way back from Baskin Robbins we had to take the long way home so they could look at all the houses.  I love their excitement 

I think that is all I have for today,  Happy Friday everyone.  I hope y'all have a good weekend.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our Jesse Tree

I struggle with Christmas.  I hate what it has become so I generally tend to stay away from the modern day traditions.  We put up a tree for the kids and Jeremy, exchange gifts, and have a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner but my heart is not in it.  I don't want my children's first thought of Christmas to be-- I want.   I want them the know why we celebrate Christmas.  That is is Jesus' birthday.   And that we give gifts because he gave us the greatest gift of all.  We haven't started Santa.  And frankly I don't know if we will.  I like the idea of Saint Nicholas much better.   I really love the Veggie Tales version.   I want my kids to want to give.  To share all that we are blessed with because we may not have much but we have a lot compared to some.    So while I struggle with how to celebrate Christmas with kids I do know what I want to achieve   How I want my kids to feel.   So tonight we talked about what Christmas really is.   We told them how it is Jesus' birthday and we celebrate by giving gifts to each other because he gave us the greatest gift of all.  I am not sure Bristol really understood and I know for sure Eldon didn't but we have started planting seeds.  I want them to find much more joy in giving than receiving 

We also started our Jesse Tree.   My first year at MOPs our table talked about Christmas traditions and I expressed my hesitations.  My MOPs leader told me about the Jesse Tree.   Fast forward 2 years later and we finally decided to do it.  It is a type of advent calendar but instead of little gifts for the kids each night we are giving them something longer lasting, lessons on what God did.   The First lesson started with Jesse and on Christmas day it will end with Jesus' birth.  We do a short scripture reading, talk on what we learned, and a prayer.  Then we make our ornaments.  Ours are just printed out designs but some people have real ornaments.   We will let the kids each color an ornament every night and then we put it on our paper Jesse Tree.  I found all of my stuff at this website,  I got the devotionals from here and the print outs from here.

So while I struggle with how the holidays play out we are trying to change it for our little family.

Friday, November 30, 2012


Lets call this month a 365 success! I only missed 2 days!  Who is impressed?   I also had this post together with 1 day to spare!  We made lots of popcorn this month, went to the boat races, took horrible phone pictures, and slept in the car a few times.

A rare moment!

This crazy girl has uncontrollable hair.

Like I said we made lots of popcorn!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Potty training, eyelets, and stuffing

I was going to post about how awesome Eldon is doing at pooping on the potty.  While I was still cleaning up his potty he decided to finish his business in the hall. I guess he wasn't really done.  He still has quite gotten the hang of peeing in the potty yet but we are getting closer.  If I accidentally leave him in a pull up he wont pee in instead he waits until its off and pees. Well I wrote that on Sunday since then Eldon has been doing a lot better.  He is really getting the hang of this potty training but I do have to say boys are much messier when it comes to potty training than girls.  It is gross.

We reorganized the kitchen Saturday.  I should have taken a picture during all the craziness. 

I am thinking about getting rid of my shoulder length bob and going with something a little more messy.  I have until my appointment on December 4th to decide.

I cannot keep up with Eldon's growth spurts right now.   In the last 2 weeks he has completely outgrown his coat and 2 pairs of his pants.  The kid is a weed.  Most shirts are to big on him width wise but length and sleeve wise they are short.  Do they have a tall and skinny store for little boys?  I have been asked a lot lately if Bristol and Eldon are twins because of big he his getting..

You can tell Eldon is stuck at home with me and Bristol all day, he loves to paint his nails and put on sissy's boots.

Eyelets are hard work.  I bought an eyelet tool but its still a learning curve.  Thankfully I think I have it down by now but this first one doesn't look so hot.

I haven't said anything I am thankful for yet this year on the blog.  But I am really thankfully for our health insurance.  Over the last 3 months I have been to the doctor a lot and had many vials of blood taken and our insurance has covered it all.   

Today I need to bake the bread to make our stuffing.  I love homemade stuffing it is some of my favorite stuff.   

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday catchup

My blog has been rather quite again these last couple weeks.  Probably because we have been busy, deep cleaning, and sick.   A week ago both Jeremy and I got the flu.  It was a blast :).   Thankfully the kiddos didn't get it.  Then this week I have a nasty cold.  I am super ready to be healthy again.

I received my blood test results back.   My body is having a hard time absorbing folic acid which isn't proven but studies show that it can lead to early miscarriages.  So now I am on 2mg of folic acid in addition to the 1mg that is in my prenatal vitamins.  We shall see what happens.

I am patiently waiting on my new kitchen cabinet locks to get here so I can reorganize my kitchen and use all of the 100 cabinets that we have.  Right now there is nothing breakable in the bottom cabinets because my kiddos are really good at breaking things.

I painted Bristol's room Sunday.  I know, finally right?   It only took 13 months of living in this house to get to it.  Now Bristol is in what used to be the office and Eldon is back in his room.   Here is a little preview of her room.

I still need to get curtains and put a few things on the walls.   After the holidays and Eldon's birthday we are going to move her to a big girl bed.   I need to repaint the headboard and foot board we have and then get a new mattress and bedding.  Right now she wants me to paint her bed pink, I am hoping this will change soon.

Then I will move onto Eldon's room.   Like maybe even considering making his bed a toddler bed.  But probably not because deep down I want to keep him in his crib till he is 18.  I hate the get back in bed battle with Bristol.

I started working on my Christmas presents this week.   The kids quiet books are going to be a lot of work but I think they will love them in the end.  Hopefully I am done with them by the first of December so I can get Daphne's to Italy.

I am miserably failing at homeschooling Bristol.  I just can't seem to find a time that works for us during the day.  I am going to try my hardest to make it work today because my daughter loves learning.

Jeremy and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary Monday.  Well we really didn't celebrate.  We were going to try and go out to dinner last Saturday but we were both still having a hard time eating anything that wasn't saltines, chicken noodle soup or bread.  It would have been a very boring dinner.  So we postponed our anniversary until after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully my cold will be gone by then because I am a miserable sick person.  But can I just say how truly blessed I am to have that man in my life.  He is amazing.  He takes care of me when I am sick.  When he gets home from work he is always more than willing to cook dinner or entertain the kids.  He is such a hands on dad. I know every day how much he loves me because he always tells me.   I may not be proud of who I used to be but I am sure thankful that God put Jeremy in my path when I was that person especially after this year.  This year has been one of the hardest on our marriage.  We have been under so much stress but at the end of the day when the kids are in bed and we have time to talk it gets all better.  He has been there for everything with my brother, he has held me when I told him I was angry with God about the miscarriages, he has reminded me that I need to pray when I feel like my day couldn't possibly get any worse, he has made me smile, he gets me out of the house when I am going crazy, he takes over the house work so I can sit down.   I am such a lucky girl.  

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Boat races

2 weekends ago we went to the boat races.  The last time I went was 7 years ago right after Jeremy and I got married.  A lot has changed.  We moved out of California, lived in Wyoming and Colorado, and then moved back to California.   We have added 2 amazing, wonderful, exhausting, hair pulling, loving kids to our mix and 3 doggies.  Its just amazes me that so much has changed here in the 5 1/2 years we were gone.  I now get lost when I am in Temecula because there are so many new things.   And then the Desert.  I still can't get over how much it has changed since the last time I was there.  Even driving through on the 10 it is a whole new looking city. Its weird but amazingly I didn't get lost last time we were down there probably because of my handy dandy navigation app.
This is how Bristol dressed for the car ride

Bristol: "Mommy big fans off, big fans off"

It took passing like 10 of these signs and being stuck in traffic to finally get a picture.

Look at those gas prices.

Anyways on to the boat races.  It was so much fun, exhausting, and something I would love to do again.   We got to see my Uncle Butch race, watch the Top Fuel guys fail and run a few good runs, and the kids got to spend time with Maga and Paga.

The almost 8 hour drive up there the kids did AMAZING, I was shocked.  They only had one melt down and that was when I turned off the TV and tried to convince them to take a nap since they had been up since 6 am and it was almost 3pm.  But they weren't going for it.    We packed the car with their favorite movies, snacks, coloring stuff, and few books.  I should have brought  match box cars for Eldon because he isn't as fond of coloring as Bristol is.

The only time Eldon fell asleep and Bristol woke him up by taking his blanket away.  

Saturday was a rough day.  The kids were not to happy about sitting in the stands with nothing to do.  And having to wear ear plugs and/or ear muffs because of the noise the Top Fuels guys make.  They didn't have to wear them for any of the other classes of boats but I did make them put them on when we were hanging out in the pits because it can get quite loud.   Finally when we were at the end of rope, we stuck them in the stroller and Jeremy pushed them around.  About 10 minutes in the fell asleep, we stuck the ear muffs on them and Jeremy walked them around while they napped.  I sat down and relaxed :)    

Sunday was a complete turn around.  As soon as we got to the track Bristol asked if she could take her crayons and paper and go watch the boat races.   They sat in the stands really well this day.  Bristol colored, Eldon droped the crayons through the bleachers, and they both watched the boats.  

I really didn't take as many pictures as I normally do because I was to busy watching the races.  

She insisted on wearing the muffs this way.

Look, Eldon found a vacuum.

The kids driving Uncle Butch's boat

And now a few montage of a couple races.

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