Thursday, December 29, 2011


Really, Savanna?  A pair of boots!

Yep, that is what I am starting this blog post with!   Eldon loves to leave his daddy surprises....

I was telling Jeremy he would need to make sure to dump out his boots when he goes back to work on Tuesday, yes you read right Tuesday!   Holidays + Jeremy's new job= lots of time off.    He told me he loves finding these surprises in the mornings!

Aunt Serena is town right now, so she made a trip up to see the kiddos.   Manka and Aunt Tawny came as well.  OH and we cant forget about Brody.

Anyways the whole reason for this posting is to show you the video of Eldon attacking his sweet potatoes.  This kid can eat!   Just ask Aunt Serena, who ended up with refried beans all over her at lunch today.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas was super fun this year.  Last year Bristol was still kind of young to understand what was going on but this year she has a blast unwrapping here presents and everyone else's presents.   

Eldon wasn't into the unwrapping but he was definitely into playing with all the cars he got!

 Isn't the toy box amazing?  My dad made if for the kids. I can't wait to get the tree put away so we can move it into the living room instead of the entry way.  

We didn't get a good picture of the 4 of us together but Oh well there is always next year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 28: Day 204-209

"Kids who make me want to get into the Christmas spirit"

" A smiling little boy"

"These little kids smile"

"A fun morning with the kiddos"

A horrible day that turned into a fun few moments all with the words "Wear Bristol!"

A fun day at finger painting with the kids!  
I had to throw this picture of Eldon in here because of his painting abilities!

Family  time at the Park!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

11 months...

How did we get from this
To this

So quickly?  And I can't believe how huge I was at 34 weeks!  

I know I say it every month, but I just don't understand how my little boy has gotten so big!  I remember when he was brand new and we called him our Grumpy Old Man because he looked like this:
All the time!

He is getting so big.   Lets see, this month Eldon has a new tooth.  He crawls at lightening speed.  He is trying to walk but isn't confident enough for it just yet.  But that is okay by me because I want to hold onto his baby-ness just a little bit longer.   He is such a sweet boy who always has a smile for you.   He is still a flirt!   

Happy 11 months little boy!

I had to through this picture in here because I think it is so funny!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Worn out...

It has been a tough week.  I have a million and 1 things to make for Christmas ( I am the brilliant person who decided to make 90% of her gifts).  Plus working 20 hours, taking care of Bristol and Eldon all day long.  Trying to find time to spend with my husband as well as find time for ME.  This is a big thing to me, I need my space. I do not do well when I do not have time or space for just me.  I love my family to death but I have always been one who doesn't do well when constantly around others.  What can I say, I am a hermit!   My amazing husband is always trying to give me the option to get space but lately I have been so worn out and probably a little depressed that I haven't wanted to even leave the house.  It doesn't help that Eldon and Bristol have been overly clingy these last couple of days.  And I swear Bristol is getting clumsier by the minute because she fell at least 15 times today, which of course was the end of the world.

I keep reminding myself that I have it easy and there are a lot worse problems out there than what I am going through but at the end of the day, I needed to get this off my chest.  This blog is my therapy!  

My prayer this week has been:
Give my peace.
Give me patience.
Give me the understand to deal with my whiny, grump kids
 the same way you deal will my whiny, grump self.
Please help me to be in a better mood for Jeremy, he doesn't deserve this.
But most of all, I am failing at doing this alone
PLEASE take over.  
Please make me give up control(because lets face it, I love my control.  Ask anyone who has ever lived with me)!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas trees and other randomness...

We finally got around to decorating the Christmas tree tonight, it was a family job!

Little buddy standing on his own to play with the decorations

This is probably the last year we will drag out the white tree. 
Next year we will find a Christmas tree farm
 and cut our own tree down.   

Eldon got a hold of a wipes container.
He felt it would be best to take them all out of the package.

I don't think I have mentioned lately how amazing my husband is!   This is what I woke up to this morning.  A nice clean kitchen.  So beautiful, I didn't want to do anything in there for fear of messing it up.  Jeremy has been putting in a lot of time taking care of the kids and the house lately.  I used to do 90% of my cleaning after the kiddos went to bed but now that I am working most evenings, it has fallen to him to clean and put the kiddos to bed.  He is an amazing man!

A few videos of the kiddos.....

Week 27: Day 197-203

This week I didn't write my thankfulness on the days because it is more of a theme this week.  I am very thankful to be around our family's again.   It was super hard raising Bristol and Eldon for 2 years without any help.   2 Fridays ago we had a work Christmas party to attend for Jeremy's work and thankfully my parents came up to watch the kids for the night.   This weekend we need to get our Christmas shopping done and once again we had family to step in, Jeremy's parents took the kids for us.  It was a much need break, even if we had to spend it shopping.   Enjoy week 27!

Today we decide to get subway and head to the park for a impromptu picnic lunch.  It was a blast. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stop worrying...

I struggle with this big time.   Last night I was very anxious about Christmas.  This has to be my least favorite holiday of all.   Horrible right?  Its because I hate what Christmas has become.  I think people, me included, get so wrapped up in the presents, parties, and family drama that they/I forget that we celebrate this day because the is when our Savior was born.   

We have a crazy belief in this family, its better to give than get.   And when you give, presents that are made with love, they are going to be remembered way longer than the hottest toy or electronic gadget that you spent way to much money on.  In fact when the kids are older we may do away with gifts and just take a family trip! 

I am a horrible procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping.  This year I have very few presents to buy but I also have a pretty big list of stuff I need to pick up at Joann's and Micheals for our gift making.  I am finally going to go on Saturday and get all the stuff and then stress for the next couple of weeks to get it done before Christmas.    

The whole point of this is that I was super stress out last night and talking to God about my stress.  Telling him that I knew I need to give it all to him and stop worrying but that I was struggling with it big time.  Well this morning I woke up to do my devotion and the title of the devotion reads, Face Challenges in Stages.   WHACK, yep that is the sound of God reminding me very bluntly that I need to rest in this verse:

 “So don’t worry about tomorrow,
 for tomorrow will bring its own worries. 
Today’s trouble is enough for today.
Matthew 6:34 NLT

This morning I stopped worrying about Christmas and all the stress that goes with it and I decided to start worrying about the things that concern me today.  Like cleaning up my disaster of a house!

Look how nice and clean I got my house...

Haha, its an illusion!  I only picked up the living area so far because I need to vacuum.  Anything not touching carpet was left alone!  By the time Jeremy gets home this afternoon, it will have been destroyed by hurricane Bristol and tornado Eldon again but at least the carpets will be freshly vacuumed!

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