Sunday, October 30, 2011

House updates

The chair is recovered!   So I thought I would show you an updated picture.  Imagine that there are pictures up behind the big couch and that shelve is moved.  But its starting to come together.   What do you think?  I personally love it.

Here it is from another angle.   I want to put the picture that is our blog header above the fireplace but I am not sure where to get it printed at because it will have to be a unique size.   I also need to paint the desk that is our TV stand and replace the hardware on it.   We also need to figure out a way to hide the DVD players.

A front view of the chair and you can also see our picture wall.

A shot of the Kitchen and dinning area.

Like the bed side tables?  We need to find a matching pair!

I absolutely love my sign.  I had the vinyl decal made through Stix Design and then I made the board for it to go on.  The blue that is on the board is the original color that was on this wall but it was 2 dark so I am using it for the accent pieces. I really do love how this came out and Jeremy did such an amazing job at hanging the sign up for me this morning while I was stressing out about him taking so long.  

Week 21:Day 155-161

I did something a little different with 365 this week.... I actually took 7 days worth of pictures, both kids have pictures each day, and Mommy is in one of the pictures.   Seriously I followed all the rules this week, amazing right?   No actually what I did different this week is I added something I am thankful for every day.  It is all to easy for me to get caught up in what is going wrong and loose sight of all the amazing things I have to be thankful for.   I saw 2 things on Pinterest this week that inspired this, one was a quote that said "What if we only wake up with the things we thanked God for?" and the other was a 365 thankfulness calendar.     


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 month check up and 2 year check up...

Was so impersonal.    I felt so bad for our kiddo's today especially Miss Bristol.   She is so used to Dr Sperando.   When we would be walking back to the office all of the Medical Assistants and the doctors if they were in the hallway would stop and welcome the kids.   It put them at easy.  Then even before we started measurements they would talk to Bristol and love on Mr.  Eldon.    Dr Sperando would always act like the kids were more important than the measurements.   It was always a wonderful experience even if I always was super drained after our appointments.

Today when they called us back, the first thing they did was take there picture.  Then they shuffled us into this little tiny room that had a bed and 2 chairs.  Nothing kid friendly about this.  The beds weren't even up against a wall so I had to stand guard and make sure Bristol and Eldon weren't about to go off either side.   The doctor walked in (wasn't even sure who she was at first).  She didn't introduce herself or even talk to the kids.  She just automatically started firing off her questions.   Miss Bristol was very confused because she likes to talk to the doctor.   Then she proceeds to tell me all about vaccinations and why Eldon is so far behind.   Um, sorry he is not behind, he is on the same schedule as Bristol and she was only behind on the chicken pox vaccine because we just weren't sure on it.  We did finally get it at 18 months but that was after a few discussions with Dr.Sperando and quite a bit of talking on our part.

Needless to say, we wont be going back.  I was not impressed and neither were the kids.

Here are their stats:
Height 36 inches
Weight 31 pounds

Height 28 inches
Weight 21lbs 1 oz
*I am not sure on the percentages because the doctor did not discuss this with me.

*  Disclaimer on vaccines:  I get that there are people out there who might read this that do not believe in vaccines for their children, that is your choice for YOUR kid but these are MY kids and I believe in Vaccines!

I do not regret our decision to move to California at all because it brought us closer to family, every time we get in the car Bristol as if we are going to see "Manka, Tawny, or Broody" and Jeremy has a job he loves but moments like today and the difficulty we are having with find a church make me doubt.   Please pray for us, that we will find an excellent doctor and a great church where we can  be ministered to and were we can minister.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Random Thoughts of the Day...

That my toddler has really entered the terrible 2 phase!   She has been a whinny breakdown mess lately.  Normally I would be excited that we are going to the doctor tomorrow because I had confidence in our old pediatrician to give us good advice or sympathize with us, instead I am afraid the Toddler is going to make a horrible impression and we are going to get kicked out of our new doctors office!  

I love my shark mop.  That thing seriously makes cleaning wonderful.  I know, cleaning and wonderful are 2 words that don't go together.  

That I shouldn't Google Oreo Cupcakes Recipes.  This is so not good for my healthy eating habit!   At least I used Whole Wheat flour.

This amazing recipe came from Baker Girl

Another random thought of the day, is I am really enjoying our picture wall.   I am so happy with how it turned out.   Now I need to put up pictures of our extended family and also get a few updated pictures for the extended family.   

Any one notice that this wall is a different color than the rest of our living room?  The hallway walls are a slightly darker shade of grey and I couldn't be happier with that choice!
so you can compare

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week 21: Day 148-154

Week 21: Day 141-147

No excuse for the missing photos this week either because once again we are still pretty busy unpacking!

Week 20: Day 134-140

No excuse for missing photos for this week, we were very busy pretending to unpack!

Week 19: Day 127-133

If you are curious what happened to week 18, let me tell you!  My computer and Picasa got into an argument during the upload process and deleted a whole week and 1/2 of pictures as well as all my 365 collages.  If anyone has a clue how to get them back, please do share!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Adventures Of My White Slip Covers

You cant tell very well from this picture (taken the day we moved in) but the walls are grey thanks to my amazing husband who painted the living area while me and the kids were visiting my sister for her birthday.   I have wanted new furniture for a while but its just not in the budget.    And my current furniture is still in pretty decent shape just not the look I am going for.  So in comes the slip covers.   I have an obsession with white, I know wrong obsession to have with 2 kids and 3 dogs right?   Never the less, I love white everything, except on the walls.

So I bought these white slip covers online but as you can see they are more of an off white and I hate the off white.  It doesn't look as clean and crisp.   So I got the brilliant idea to bleach them but in my research on how to go about this I discovered it wouldn't work.   So we decided to dye them grey.  I think we were both looking for more of a charcoal grey but I couldn't find any dye in charcoal so we went with Silver grey.

I really like this brand of dye.  It is super easy to use and I feel like it covers very evenly.

I ended up dying them a second time because I didn't like how light they were.   But I forgot to get a picture of them before I threw them back in the wash.  They darkened a little and in a few months when I throw them in the wash to clean them I might dye them one more time just to get them a little darker.   So here they  are:

I am turning the coffee table into an ottoman this week sometime.  Even though I love our coffee table it is not very kid friendly at all.  Just ask Bristol's forehead.

On top of turning the coffee table into an ottoman I need to also finish covering the chair.  I ran out of fabric because I didn't want to much extra.   I am also going to use the fabric that the curtains are made out of to make fabric book shelves for the all the kiddos books.   I need to find some end tables and paint the desk that has become the TV stand as well.

I am really enjoying making this house our own even if we are just renting.   

Monday, October 17, 2011

Church shopping...

Doesn't that sound horrible?  But its the truth, I feel like we are shopping.  I hate to shop, I know weird, right?   I prefer to go to a store that I know has what I need and grab said item, and proceed to check out.  The only time I linger in a store is if I am in the kids department.   I dread shopping every time.  Church shopping is just as bad.  But I would say its even worse now that we have kids.   I will not allow my children to be in church program that doesn't follow our beliefs.    I have never had a problem leaving the kids in the nursery, they have been in there since a very young age.  But lately I have anxiety about it.  I do not trust the nursery workers, they don't even really care to greet the kids.   So different from what we are used to.   I can remember the first time we put Bristol in the nursery, she was 5 days old.    I know that is super young but 1.  we knew we would eventually have to put her in there and 2.   both Jeremy and I knew that there would be not concentrating on what God had to say to us if we were staring at a cute chubby cheek little girl.    We almost chickened out that first time we put her in there and I think we were even more unfocused in church than even we  had just kept her with us.     But almost 2 hours later we went to pick her up, she was in perfect hands.  The nursery staff loved her and treated her like one of their own.  Week after week when we would drop her off they would marvel at the changes and when we came back to pick her up they would tell us all about the fun things she was doing for them.    I can remember when it was time for Bristol to move to the last age group in the nursery and the staff was having a hard time because they knew before long Miss Bristol would be out of their hands.   They loved Eldon just as much and always were happy to see his smiling little self. They encouraged us through Bristol's separation anxiety.  They worked with the fact that for about a month Bristol only wanted one person on the staff.  They marveled at her potty training success. In the 2 years that we but our kids in the nursery at Rocky Mountain Calvary we were only called out of church twice.  Once for Bristol because she started getting feverish during the service and once for Eldon because he was a starvin marvin and couldn't wait 10 more minutes.    One of the hardest parts of leaving Colorado was leaving behind the church.  

I know most of this post has been about the nursery at RMC but we wouldn't have been able to get as much out of the services if it were not for them.    I loved the worship at RMC.   It was modern and they knew how to use a drum set and an electric guitar for what they are meant for.   The worship always made you want to dance and sing.  You didn't care who was watching you or listening to you make a fool out of yourself.   And although the worship is what got you in the door, the teaching is what always kept us there.  Pastor Eric always spoke straight from the bible and anytime he threw in his own beliefs he backed it up with the bible.  And he always encouraged you to read and study it for yourself.    He never skated around the hard subjects just because it might offend someone.   He always admitted his faults.    The service was real and I never left the church with out learning something new.  

All we want to find in a new church is a service that is out of the bible, not about a book by AW Tozer.  Modern worship where they don't drown out the electric guitar and the drums.    A great nursery who welcomes us and tries to get to know our kids.   And has a security system for the kids in place. A place were we can get involved and serve God the way he wants us too.    We have tried out 2 churches so far up here and I have to say if I was a millionaire I would just fly back to Colorado every Wednesday and Saturday for church!

9 months old

I couldn't decide which picture to use for this months photo.   So I decided to use both.   I am having a really hard time accepting that Eldon is 9 months old.  I know that I say this every month but I swear he just turned 6 months and now I need to start planning his party.  Bugs, Trucks, or just a color theme.  Who knows what I will settle on.   Little Buddy is on the move big time.   Just this morning Bristol left the living area to go play in her room and instead of him starting pathetically after her, he just crawled after her and they played in there room together for 20 or 30 minutes.    I know what is coming next even though I am in denial and keep trying to tell him that he is not allowed to start walking, it will happen.    
This is what happens when Mommy goes into the kitchen to make a bottle and Eldon finds a marker.  He was not pleased that I took away the marker and he was even more upset that I was sticking the camera in his face!

Who needs a wagon?

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