Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 15:Day 99-105

As you noticed not all the days have both kids but give me a break we were moving.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am at the end of me

The title says it all.   I so overwhelmed and stressed out right now.   I do not do well with chaos and ever changing plans.  I know that its not right to be like this but that is who I am.   I have a hard time relying on other people to make schedules.    Finding a new rental is proving to be pain in my butt.   Trying to find a house that is big enough and will let us have dogs is exhausting.   Personally if I was renting out a house I would be more worried about the kids than the dogs.   We left Colorado for a lot of reasons, one of  them being Jeremy's work schedule and commute.  Right now he is driving a 140 miles round trip and has even less days off.   Add the fact that I am working part time.  Its all just a big juggling act right now.    I know it will get better its just hard to remember that in the fog sometimes.

Now that I gotten this out, I feel a lot better.

I hope you are all having a good Saturday.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

8 months old!!!!

Yep its already upon us.  Mr Eldon is 8 months old.  You want to know how I remembered?  That would be the alarm on my phone that told me that it was the 17th.

So for our monthly update, Eldon is out of control.  He is standing, pulling up, chasing after his big sissy, and eating like he is starving at all times.    He is a handsome little guy and lets you know it.   Biggest little flirt in the world.    Big Sissy is still his most favorite person in the world.   He always has a smile for you and when he doesn't, its because he exhausted.   

Enjoy the pictures...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


That is where we are living these days!   Or at least that is what I feel like.    Because of the accident I have been driving  rental car for 15 day's now, thank goodness we have full coverage on our ancient vehicles.  And can I just tell you, I AM NOT A MINI VAN MOM!  I am really embarrassed to be seen driving the mini van but at the same time, I am very thankful that we have it!  We are living with the In-Laws until we find a house to rent, which let me tell you, isn't as easy as it sounds.   I am talking the finding the house part not the living with the In-laws.   My In-Laws have been wonderful!  It is so nice to be able to run to the store with out the kids every one in a while.    

We have been looking for a house for 2 weeks now and it seems like every possibility we find just isn't going to work.  Maybe its because we had an amazing landlord in Colorado and don't want to settle for anything else or its because God just hasn't put the right house in our path yet  and we all know my idea of the perfect house and God's idea of the perfect house are 2 very different things.   My idea is a 4 bedroom house or a 3 bedroom house that has a living room and a dining room, so I can have my sewing room/play room.     Oh, of course it needs to have a garage and some acreage would be nice.  I know, I am asking a lot.   But if we don't get that, I will be content because I know God isn't ready for us to have it yet.  

Tomorrow we are going car shopping, with the kids!  Doesn't that sound like fun times?  I already know what vehicle I am getting and how OLD (hint hint Mr Bennett :) ) I want it to be.  As well as the price I am willing to spend.  We have a couple prospects, I just want to see them in person before I commit.  

On to my other thoughts my desire to exercise is none existent.  Which is horrible because I haven't been watching what I eat at all.  And I can tell I am over doing it on the sugar, I may have eaten 1/2 a tub of red vines, because my face is breaking out like crazy.  And my super skinny jeans are quite snug.  So I really need to find a spot for exercise in my life.  Its not like I am a busy woman right?  I mean, I take care of 2 demanding kids all day, I have a bazillion loads of laundry to do, I am constantly making food, I am working 20 hours a week (generally during the time I should be sleeping), I am working on a no-sew order for Fussy Juniors, and I am trying to find time for me time and husband time in all of this.  I have time for exercise, right?    Even though I really don't being out of shape isn't for me so I am going to find sometime for it.  Notice I didn't make a comment about cleaning, that is because I stink at it!  Just ask the people in this house.

I think that is all I have got today.  Sorry blog land that I am still slacking on 365 but putting the pictures together is quiet time consuming and I just haven't had time for it.  Maybe I will take my computer with me tomorrow while we are driving around looking for my new vehicle and get some work done on that.    But I wouldn't count on it because I really like to read and give horrible directions (well I just recite what my phone says) while my husband is being my chauffeur.   And let me tell you, he is the best looking chauffeur in the world!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Our second biggest reason for moving back to California, was so our kids could grow up around the family and hang out with their cousins.    Brody is the son of Jeremy's brother, Jeff and his wife Tawny.   He is 5 weeks younger than Eldon but a lot of people think Brody is the older one.    

We went to Jeff's birthday party this weekend and Tawny's sister Tiffany painted Bristol's toe nails.   They were fast friends! 

Aren't Brody's eyes gorgeous?  

And they day wouldn't be complete if Bristol didn't climb into a jumper that is 10 sizes to small for her!

I am starting work on 365 for the last 3 weeks today but its going to take a while, that is a lot of pictures to go through!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bristol is 2

I have a really hard time believing my Fuss Fuss is 2!   She is such an amazing little girl.   She loves her little brother so much and most of the time is willing to do anything for him.    She is so caring.   She loves to give you hugs and kisses.    She is always on the go, which is why I call her Turbo.    She loves to take things apart and put them back together, she definitely is her daddy's child.  She loves Classic Truck magazine and her baby dolls.  And of course we can't forget about her blanket.  She is such a wonderful little human.    I am very thankful the God gave us this wonderful little surprise.   

I had a better picture of her "Look out, Bristol is 2" shirt but I deleted it.  Anyways my amazing friend Amy makes some awesome kids clothes go check her out here

This is one of the many presents Miss Bristol received for her birthday.  

I had to throw in this picture of Eldon, trying to play with my new camera. 

Her 1st birthday!

These pictures are no where near close to being in order.  I was totally unprepared for her birthday this year.  I guess moving 1100 miles with 2 weeks notice will do that to a person.  I had a beautiful cake that I was planning on making her but I just didn't have time or the supplies to make it.   We were going to have a party for her once we find a house but Jeremy is leaving the 1st of October for 6 weeks for school.   So I guess it will just have to wait till next year.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog neglect

I have been neglecting my blog.   I know, horrible right?   I haven't even read all the blogs I have missed over the last 2 weeks.  Normally my morning go as follows:
  • (kids screaming) I think to myself maybe I should get out of bed but another five minutes of sleep would do wonders for me and make the screams a little easier to take
  • heat up waffles, make coffee, and give Eldon his bottle.
  • We all sit down to eat breakfast.  I do my morning devotion because this the only quiet time I get in the morning. 
  • Then, I sit down and catch up on the computer.  I read what happened on Facebook in the 12 hours I have been asleep.  I read at least 30 blog updates every morning.    I get on Pinterest and pin lots of stuff.
Lately, not so much.   We are staying with my In laws and haven't quite gotten into a routine.  I haven't read blog updates in a while, and I haven't pinned anything in over a week. :(   I like to pin!    But I have moved from Colorado to California.  Started working part time.  Celebrated my 25 birthday.   Emptied out a whole storage container because we accidentally packed one of Jeremy's flip flops.   

We also went to look at Ridgecrest today, I have to say I liked the little towns personality.  It reminded me a lot of Laramie, Wy but I know I will bake to death before I freeze to death!  But that's okay because I love me the heat.  

I also got a wonderful new camera from my birthday, which I will be using to take my 365 pictures (if I ever get into the habit again) and my work computer crashed today so unfortunately we had to buy a new one.  I really didn't want to and we have been doing everything possible to keep my other one going but today it gave up.  It fought a good fight!

Well I think I going to finish my last paper back (I also got a Nook for my birthday) tonight and then head to bed.  Tomorrow I plan to relax.  Get organized.  and we might go to a local water park or pool.... relaxing! Right?

Oh and I almost forgot to tell y'all, Eldon pulled up on his feet today!   Mommy, of course, yelled "no, no, no!"  I am so not ready for a mobile little guy!  I will have the camera ready next time!

Friday, September 2, 2011

We made it!

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, you probably have no clue how much happened in a couple days.   I will show you in pictures! :)

So these pictures really don't show the extent of the damage but the suburban is totaled.  The hitch was ripped from the Suburban and Jeremy's suburban that was in the trailer was thrown into the front of the trailer.  

 This is a before picture.
 This is a picture of my dad and Eldon.  My dad and Hilary took the kiddo's to Chick-fil-A while we sat on the side of I25 waiting for the wrecker to come.

It was a very scary trip.   We had just left the house, Jeremy and the Suburban were in the lead, my dad was driving the Budget Truck and Trailer with the Willy's on it, and me and Hilary were in the rear with the Yukon.        Me and Hilary took a detour to Target to get walkie talkies and we were just going to catch up with them up the road.    Target was closed so I was only about 5 miles behind.  Hilary asked me if I saw them yet and I said "Yeah they are up around that corner on the left side."  As I was coming around the corner, I didn't see them, traffic was slowing down, and my phone was ringing.    My dad was calling, he said "Don't freak out (let me tell you those words alone made me freak out!) Jeremy was in an accident."  I got over into the break down lane and drove 80 miles hour to get to my husband.  I threw the park break on and ran to find Jeremy.   I saw the Suburban and trailer before I saw him.   The Suburban was sitting on the side of the road facing south bound on a north bound freeway.  The trailer was still facing northbound and was about 300 feet away. Jeremy was not hurt.  But it was the scariest moment of my life.    I am so thankful Jeremy and other traffic weren't hurt.    But I am even more thankful that I wasn't behind my dad because if I had seen it happen, I would have stopped in the middle of the freeway.  
Here is the drive along the I70

So now that we have arrived in California, we have to find a new place to live and we have to go car shopping.

Wish us luck.  And thank you everyone for all your prayers!
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