Saturday, July 9, 2011

A disappointing Friday and a comforting Saturday

We have family visiting right now so I haven't posted anything recently but I needed to share this...

Jeremy was offered a job in California a few months ago and he accepted it.  We have been waiting for a start date and final offer this whole time.   Friday the final offer came.   It wasn't what we were initially told it was going to be so unfortunately we had decline it.   It was a hard day for me.   I was really looking forward to being around family and friends.   I was looking forward to having a support system that we seriously lack here.

Needless to say Friday was a rough day for me/us.  I was really struggling and having a hard time with the news and I was questioning God.  

Tonight we went to church and I had a real "DUH" moment.   I finally felt at peace tonight with the whole situation.  So for now I just want to be where God wants us.

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