Saturday, July 30, 2011

I took a nap....

Yep that is one of the first things I did once Jeremy got home yesterday.    After 2 very long weeks, he is home.  I know to my active duty military friends that is not a very long time, but it was a long time for me.  If he gets deployed, it will be hard but I know I can do it!

One thing that was really hard for me to accept this time is that its getting easier for Jeremy to be gone.  I am glad that I am starting to get a hang of it but at the same time, Jeremy is my other half and I never want it to be easy for him to be gone.  I never want to have the notion that I can do everything with out him.  I never want to dread him coming home because that means I will have to give up my control on everything and do things his way.  Although I do have a certain way of doing things, if the end result is the same, I don't need to worry about it.   And most of the time I have to say Jeremy's end result is way better than mine.

I have an amazing husband and he does 95% of the work when he is home, I just sit on my butt playing on the computer! I miss him when he is gone, but when he gets home I am so happy.  It makes me appreciate him more.  

Now I am off to spend sometime with my amazing hubby and beautiful kiddos!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Eldon Belly!

I haven't worked on Eldon's scrapbook yet and I haven't gotten past 8 months on Bristol's.... I decided to make a little progress tonight.   Here is my belly collage with Eldon.   I didn't do regular pictures with Bristol and I really regret that.    I can't believe how big my belly was those last couple weeks.   I am very thankful that his on the outside now! 

Oh and the last picture... yeah, I was having pretty intense contractions and my hubby was snoozing still, so excuse the weird facial expression! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

6 month stats

Eldon's 6 months stats:
       Weight: 16 lbs 5oz, 30%   (Bristol @ 6 mos 17lbs 1.5 oz)
       Height: 26 3/4 inches, 65%  (Bristol @ 6 mos 26 inches)

Bristol @ 6 months

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In all my spare time....

I have so much of it!

I finally figured out what I want to do for Bristol's birthday gift..... I mean its only 45 days until she turns 2!  That means its only 41 days until I turn 25!   I wonder what I will get for the big 25?  Jeremy cant out do my 25 birthday present to him!   Do you know what it was?  it was ME!   We met on Jeremy's 25 birthday.... okay I lied he did pretty good for my 19th birthday, that's the day we got engaged!   Anyways... Back to Miss Bristol!   We have been throwing ideas around about what we wanted to give her, I am really not it to big gifts in fact, I have a $50 birthday gift limit and $100 Christmas gift limit on presents.   But when I am making said gift that amount goes out the window.   So here it is....
Simple Play Kitchen Stove
find it HERE

I really want to make this play kitchen.  I showed it to Jeremy, hes on board.... so now I just have to figure out when we are going to make it for her.

Also, my mother in law just sent me an amazing care package of beautiful earrings.  I love earrings.  After years of having my ears swell up at the sight of jewelry, I have decided to make up for lost time.   I still have to paint all my jewelry with clear nail polish but I can now wear it all day.   So I decided I really need a place to store all my jewelry.   So today I started looking around.... here are some the ideas I came up with.
my beautiful earrings!  Check out more of her jewelry here

found HERE

found HERE
I think Jeremy would really like this one! 

So where did I store all these ideas, you might be asking!  Well probably not, but I am going to tell you anyways.  Normally I would store them in my bookmarks but I found this awesome website call Pinterest.   Well I didn't find it, the blog world told me about it.  It saves all of your bookmarks in one place.  This is awesome.  I read some many blogs and find some many cool things on them, now I can store them all in one place!     Some of the other stuff I have saved...

found HERE
I plan to make this for mine and Bristol's birthday! 

DIY Cardigan found HERE

I really want to make this cardigan.... I love cardigans.   I have a lot of them and I am always looking for more to add to my collection... I am pretty sure Jeremy and our budget would be a lot happier if I was making them myself!   

Well thats all the interesting stuff I have for today! 

Week 9: Day 57-63

She wanted to eat next to Little Brother!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I am scared....

We have 2 mobile children!  EEK!   Eldon discovered a way to move today, I am not really sure what to call it but it definitely gets him to where he wants to go.  There will be no leaving the room and coming back to him in the same spot.  I can pretty much guess where he will be.... following his big sister.    I am so not ready to have 2 mobile children.  Neither of them have listened to my wishes!  I really was okay with them waiting till 15-18 months to start this whole moving business.

In other randomness of this week, I think Bristol is trying to figure out how many time outs it takes to kill the battery in the time out timer.   She is really pushing her limits.  I really need to hurry up and finish Making The Terrible Two's Terrific by John Rosemond.

I also got an order for an Olivia inspired petti romper today.  I have to tell you, I had to google Olivia.  I had no clue who she was.   I am really looking forward to this project.  Fabric shopping on the agenda for tomorrow!

Yesterday was a really good day for us, despite the timer testing.   We had a play date in the am, came home and took our naps, then went to the grocery store.  Although I have to say that the grocery's store fruit selection stunk so I need to go to a farmers market at some point this week.    

Well that's all I have for today!

Enjoy the videos!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Potty Trained?

Bristol was doing so good and then I got lazy.   I went down a road I never wanted to go down, Pull Ups.   They are way to confusing for kids .  So anyways... I started getting lazy and put pull ups on Bristol every time we left the house... I should just put a diaper on her because they are cheaper.  Well this past week Bristol has been having a lot of accidents.  So starting tomorrow, I am getting rid of the pull ups.  We are going back to my original philosophy.... Wish us luck!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week 8: Day 50-56

Eldon was being very needy today (because Aunt Serena held him all weekend) so Jeremy had to cart the Grumpy Old Man around!

I forgot to take a picture of Fuss Fuss but as you can see Eldon was sill in shock from Aunt Serena being gone!

I love this picture!  And I forgot to take a picture of Junior Junior today. 

Bristol wanted her picture done just like Eldon's today!

As you can see I am really slacking on my 365 project!  I promise to be better this week and to include myself in one of the pictures, like I said I would! 

6 months old....

I really can't believe that 6 months ago today we welcomed Eldon Jeremy into the world.    I should have know when he was born 2 weeks early that he was in a hurry.   My little buddy is trying to crawl, he is sitting up on his own like a pro, babbling like crazy, and always looking at his big sister.    Oh and as I type this he is rolling across the living room floor.   Eldon always has big smiles for anyone who will take them.  and Oh boy does he like to flirt, the other day he was flirting little old ladies out of their coupons at Joann's (he saved me $30!)!    I love this little guy so much!    

I feel like 6 months is when I get the hang of things.  At 6 months with Bristol, I finally felt confident to go out and do things.... On Friday I took the kids to run errands on my own and I didn't feel overwhelmed once.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I stopped breastfeeding both of them around their 6 month birthdays or they just become a little more independent at 6 months but I finally am wanting to go out and about instead of staying in the comforts of my home where I can control every situation! 

My Grumpy Old Man! 

1 month old

Thursday, July 14, 2011

thoughts of the day....

Finding out we need new potholders by burning myself... NOT FUN!

I remember why I stopped making homemade pizza, because its yummy goodness does not mesh with my weight loss goals.

I really need to get off my lazy bum and started exercising!

Eldon is way to interested in being like his big sister... He started getting up on all 4's yesterday and rockin' back and forth.... I am not ready to have 2 mobile kids!

Moscato with frozen peaches is delicious!

I remember why we also don't buy Oreo's.... because me and Jeremy can eat a whole package in one day.... did I mention I really need to exercise?

Potty training is an on going thing.... I can't wait for the day that I don't have to ask Bristol if she needs to pee every hour!

This is a picture of Bristol and her homemade blankets!   Her Great Grandma Doris made the little kid quilted blanket, the pink crochet blanket is from her Nana, and then of course her most prized possession in the whole world is her blanket which was made by her Aunt Tawny.   I love when my kiddo's get homemade gifts.... I will be putting them in a hope chest for them.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Serena....

Came to visit this weekend.  It was so fun and really nice to have family around.  This was Bill and Serena's first time seeing Mr. Eldon.   

Cathy and Bristol read books all weekend, Miss Bristol really didn't care to pay attention to anyone but Grandma.   

Aunt Serena spoiled Eldon.  He is insisting on us holding him a lot!

I forgot to add these pictures to my zoo post. The are taken from the William Rogers Shrine of the Sun.  A storm was moving in while we where up there, so we got some really cool pictures of that.

It was a great weekend and we were very sad to see them go.  

Our trip to the zoo....

This weekend while Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Serena were visiting, we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.   It was a lot of fun, although my legs were worn out from doing The Incline that morning! 

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