Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wow, its Thursday!

Seriously it seems like this week has flown by.   The weather has been really nice, except for the wind, so we have been playing in the backyard a lot the last 2 days.  Bristol loves being outside.  

Growing up, I don't ever recall being allowed to be in doors much.  We were always encouraged to play outside.   If we where indoors, we were playing with toys.  Rarely was the tv on and we didn't get Cable until I was like 14!   And when we finally did get it, it wasn't ever on children orientated programing.   So needless to say, I don't let Bristol watch that crap.   And yes it is all crazy, created by someone doing some intense drugs, mind polluting tv.  We do not have cable or rabbit ears.  I will say that I did give in for about 3 months and let Bristol watch Sesame Street.   But that time has come to and end and Bristol watches maybe an hour of television a week, which is normally an episode of Overhaulin on netflix.   We are just not tv people.  So being that we are not tv people, I have to give Bristol other ways to be entertained.  So in comes, the free, very exciting, great outdoors!   Most of the time she just runs around the backyard and will play in the pool as soon as my lazy butt fills it up.   She is having a blast.  Eldon even joined us out there for a little while yesterday, normally he is inside sleeping!  Just so certain people (Hilary) don't think I leave him unattended playing by himself in the living room.    

There are still a few toys I would like to get for her to play with, like a slide, water table, and wagon.  But for now she has fun just running around and playing with the doggies.   And my frugal self wont by them unless I find them for at least 1/2 price on Craigslist.  

a Potty training, update!  Bristol has gone 2 days with out any accidents!  I love only having to change one set of diapers because there for a while I felt like all I did was change diapers and feed children, now all I do is wash laundry and feed children! :).    She is still waking up from naps and nighttime wet, but I kind of expect that until she is older and no she is not wearing pull ups, because I am done buying her any form of diapers.  

I may or may not, feed Eldon with some form of electronic gadget in my hand!

Spying on the neighbors!  They certainly are entertaining!

My handsome little guy!

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