Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday thoughts....

I have my video monitor back.... I don't know how I survived the first 17 months of Bristol's life without a video monitor.   When we got pregnant with Eldon that was the only thing I absolutely had to have.   Anyways I had to send it back last Friday because the talk feature wasn't working on it.   They replaced the whole unit.  And I am very thankful I delayed Bristol's nap to hook it back up because she woke up a little bit ago and instead of barging in there I watched her on my hand dandy spy cam and she is now back to napping peacefully.  

Nap time is my favorite time of day!   Not that's a lie its one of my favorite times of day.  My favorite time of day with Eldon is when he wakes up... I go in there to get him and he gives me his big ol' smiles, I LOVE those smiles.   My favorite time of day is bedtime with Bristol... right before she goes to sleep she always give me and Eldon big kisses.   I love watching her love on her little brother.  She also loves to read her bibles stories which really warms my heart.

Funny thing happened.  Last week I couldn’t find more than 5 pairs of Bristol’s underware… So I bought her a couple new packs when I was at target.  Yep, you guessed it, I found them.  Where you ask?  In Eldon’s sock drawer.  

I got Jeremy 3 gifts for Fathers Day.  Even though he deserves so much more, I did what we could afford and what I knew he would love.  First I did this for him:

Its a collage of Eldon's newborn photo shoot above our fire place.  There isn't a picture of the whole wall because the mantel is the catch all for everything that we use on a regular basis and I really don't feel like cleaning it off.   

I also got him a BBQ wok that he loves.  He made us stir fry in it the last 2 nights and it was delicious.   I can't wait for Monday for him to make us something else in it.   My husband is an amazing cook.   He gets all creative, me on the other hand I am a boring cook.  I am okay with this fact because Jeremy loves to cook for us and I encourage him to-do-so when he isn't working.   

I think that's all I got for today... I have another picture I want to share but the recipient of the gift hasn't received it so I will post that at a later date.

Oh yeah, and like the slacker that I am, I still haven't done my Father's day gifts for our dads... I am going to try and get to Hobby Lobby this evening if not I will work on them on Monday.  

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