Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Friday!

Ugh!  Is all I can say.  Jeremy was out of town this weekend with drill so of course everything had to go crazy.   We were in serious need of grocery's.  When will I learn that I can't grocery shop on my own.  I don't see how people grocery shop with more than one kid, while managing to keep the other kid in check.   So off we went to Target and Costco.  I really wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to because I still haven't gotten the supplies to make my fathers day gifts but it didn't happen.  

Fast forward to later in the evening.  The gardener came to mow the lawn and weed-whack  the weeds in the back yard.   Yep while he was weed whacking the debris flew up and hit the back door causing it to shatter everywhere.    Grr.  So now we have plywood there until I can get a glass company out to replace my door.

I have no luck what-so-ever!

So yeah, I wrote this on Friday but I don't like to let on to the fact that Jeremy isn't home so I just saved it.  This morning we had to finish grocery shopping and it went a lot smother.  Maybe I will get the hang of 2 under 2!

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