Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Bristol and Eldon are such blessed little kids.  The have an amazing dad.  I know I brag about Jeremy all the time but he truly is an amazing father and husband.  I really wish he was home this weekend so I could have spoiled him.   Of course it would have been really hard for me to roll out of bed before him, although I did get up before him on Mothers Day! :)

Jeremy was so wonderful through out both of my pregnancies, he would talk to the babies all the time and they sure loved to get attention from him.   When I was pregnant with Bristol, I would be laying against Jeremy's back and Bristol would start kicking the snot out of my belly because she wanted Daddy's attention.    He is definitely a baby snuggling hog.   When ever the kids are in the mood to snuggle he takes all their snuggles.    Jeremy is always taking Miss Bristol places with him.... they go to the auto parts store, craigslist junk finding missions, and their favorite place, the GARAGE.   Poor Jeremy isn't even allowed in his garage anymore without a certain helper.   She makes it known that she will be going out there with him.    She loves to sit on her garage couch (a spare bench seat, yes we have spares!) and watch him.   If he is working with tools she loves to help out and he lets her.    They are best buds.    He doesn't take Eldon out there yet but the day is coming.    He love to give Eldon his bottles and asks me to pump on a regular basis so he can feed his son.   He is always willing to change a diaper or give a bath and let me SLEEP IN!

I am one lucky girl to have such an amazing father to our kids!

Also last but not least, Happy Fathers day to my wonderful dad and and my father in law Bill!  Thank you both so much for everything you have done/do for us over the years!
Jeremy and Eldon

My Dad
 Jeremy and Miss Bristol (yes he wore the same shirt to both births, NO it wasn't on purpose)

Bill and Bristol

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