Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bright eyes and drives (haha it rhymes)

So I was trying to get one of those awesome amazing eye pictures for my 365 project today!  Yep, I am not talented that way.   So could someone pay for a Elizabeth Ann Photograhpy to follow me around 24/7 and get awesome pictures!  Any ways, the reason I was trying to get an awesome eye picture is because Eldon has a pair of gorgeous eyes!   I am super jealous.  They take after mine in the fact that they are always changing colors.  Today there where a lot darker blue than normal but they have this awesome brightness about them.  Bristol has the brightness in her eyes as well.  They always sparkle!  They must get that from Jeremy because mine only sparkle when I add makeup!  I know random right!

Anyways..  On Sunday we took a drive.  Destination Skagway Reservior.   It was really fun.   Anyways here are some pictures!
This dress was made by Miss Muffet's Bow-tique

Diaper change on the front seat

Can I ride back here with the doggies?

Skagway Reservoir

My extremely hot husband
Talking to Daddy on the phone!

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