Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday presents and pictures

I really haven't had much to say lately!    We are quickly approaching AT which means the hubby will be gone for 2 weeks.... and I will be all alone with the kiddo's for those 2 weeks.   I think when he gets home I will be checking into a mental health facility because I know I will be completely crazy after 2 weeks with no break... heck I can barely make 4 days without wanting to rip my hair out.   I don't know how spouses of active duty military do it.  

I re-did my blog for the 4th of July!  I told you I get bored fast!  Speaking of the 4th, I really need to make Bristol's outfit!

Last week was Tawny, my sister-in-law's, birthday... she is always making us homemade gifts for Christmas and birthdays, she also made Bristol's bedding, which if you don't know ,Bristol's most prized possession is her blanket....    So I decided to make her something!
Bristol's bedding

I made her custom fabric sewing labels.  I had a lot of fun designing them and not so much fun cutting them all out.  

Here are a few pictures that I have taken that I absolutely love! 
 mommy and Bristol's toes!  Ignore my horrible paint job, I have no talent what-so-ever!  I can't wait till she is  old enough for Mommy and Bristol trips to get pedicures.
 I call this picture "Seriously Mom! Do yo really need to take a picture?"
 I bought these super cool stickers for Eldon's monthly pictures and since he is almost 6 months old we gave the rest to Bristol!  
 Helping me make waffles

 She is talking to her Daddy!

Eldon's first bites!

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