Sunday, May 22, 2011

when he's gone....

I go crazy!  Jeremy is my stabilizer.  I probably should be on some sort of medication when he isn't home.  See when he is home it is 50-50 parenting or a lot of the time 75-25 parenting.  Him 75 me 25!  He has been gone for drill since Thursday and probably wont be home until 8 tonight and let me tell you I am living in crazy mode!    

My weekend was supposed to be all nice and organized but no such luck.  I knew I had to go grocery shopping on Friday so I had arranged for a babysitter to come and watch the kiddo's so I could get it all done.  She cancelled last minute.  Grr, I was not happy.  So I ended up dragging the kids with me to Costco, Jo-Ann's and Target.   Jo-Ann's and their narrow isles do not work with Miss grab-everything-of-the-shelves Bristol.  But i managed to make it through and I tend to spend way less money when I have the kids with me because I can't browse as much!  The only place we didn't make it was the grocery store.  So my plan was to go this morning.  Yep, that didn't work because when I went to start the car, it was dead.  Just my luck.   At this point it wasn't worth my effort to get it jumped started and Jeremy has the jumper cables in Denver.    Oh and since the babysitter cancelled my pedicure got cancelled as well and letr me tell you, my toes are hideous right now.  Bristol is also in desperate need of her bangs being cut.  I tried to do it but it ended in mommy's hand bleeding.  

 I feel a little better now that I got this out!

Anyways, this is my ringtone for Jeremy.  God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes, says it all! 

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