Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday randomness and potty training update

Today I had to run errands.  I really do hate running errands.  I try to do everything twice a month on pay days but it never fails that we need something in between.   Since Jeremy was home this morning he watched the kids so I could have a couple kid-free and potty training-free moments.   Nothing is conveniently located in Colorado Springs.  You have to drive at least 7 miles for anything and Colorado drivers are just plan crazy.  Drivers ed in this state is nothing like it is in California and it is OBVIOUS!   Anyways it wasn't quite the relaxing morning I had envisioned.  I have wanted to get the kids a little plastic kiddie pool for a while now. So since the weather has been warm for more than a week now, I decided I would pick one up while I was at Target today.  Target DOESN'T sell plastic kiddie pools.  They only sell the inflatable ones.  Want to guess how long an inflatable pool would last with 3 dogs, I am willing to bet about 5 minutes max and then I would be one unhappy camper that the dogs popped my $40 dollar pool.   I finally found one at Ace Hardware, so I was super happy!   Also I was very happy with Ace's customer service.  They were super nice and even helped me carry the pool out to the car.  It is very rare for places to have good customer service these days.   So my plan for tomorrow is to play in the pool!  Yay!  I am excited.   Maybe I finally will be another color than Casper white!  

Potty training is going!   It is such a time eating processes!  Bristol has only had 1 accident today.    We had to employ the potty bell.  Its a kitchen timer that goes off every 25 minutes, when it goes off Bristol has to go sit on the toilet for 1 minute.  It has really helped!  

Well, that's all for today.

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