Friday, May 27, 2011

Random thoughts and Potty training day 3

I love this table.  I took this picture while I was waiting to get my hair did the other day.  I was flipping through a magazine and saw this and immediately fell in love!  Its an indoor picnic table!  How awesome is that?  Jeremy built our bed about 2 years ago because we just couldn't find anything we absolutely loved and we have been talking about doing the same thing with our dinning room table when we decide to upgrade.  SO here it is, this is what our table is going to look like.  Well in general, this is what it will look like.   I want it to be counter top height and ours will also sit 8.  I am think patinaed red chairs.  I will have to start hounding craigslist when the time comes because I want all 8 chairs to be different or maybe pairs.  and then we will sand them and paint them ourselves.  I am so excited.   It will have to wait a little while because we just don't have room for a bigger table at the moment but I am glad we finally found something we both love.
(this is our bed)

I want to redo Bristol's room.  I found the fabric, now I just have to wait until she is ready to move out of her crib.  Which if I have my way wont be for a long time.  But I am thinking, I will buy the fabric soon!  

This is the fabric I am going to use but I am also going to add black and white polka dots to it!

Eldon has discovered his feet and he is very proud of this discovery!

I love blogging, its my free therapy.  I also love to read other peoples blog.  My list of blogs I am following grows daily.  I love "real" blogs.   When people actually write about how their life really is.  I don't follow any "sweet" blogs and I try to be as real as possible on mine.  

Potty Training: Day 3

Bristol is terrified of her poop.   She cries every time it falls out of her little bum and she sees it.   I would like to cry every time she poops because is so SMELLY!  But once its out she is very quick to pick it up to go put it in the toilet!  Like super quick, so fast that Mommy can't stop her.  YUCK!!!!!! I am trying really hard to not bleach her hands but it is so disgusting.  

So potty training is HARD work.  Can I just go back to diapers?   She did really good this morning she went and sat on the toilet every time she had to go and we went and dumped it out and washed our hands.  And then NAP time came.  She woke up soaking wet and very defiant.    

I hope things go better tomorrow!   

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