Saturday, May 28, 2011

Potty Training: Day 4 and my little rollie pollie

Have I mentioned this is hard work?  I factored in the extra laundry I would need to do but I never factored in how many baths Bristol would need thought out this little adventure! She is getting 2 a day now. One in the morning and then her regular night time bath.  Man, our water bill is going to be high this month!

This morning was a train wreck.  Right before her afternoon nap she asked to sit on the big potty, well since she really doesn't talk she did a lot of pointing and mommy finally figured it out! So I took her potty apart while she was napping and put it on the potty.  BINGO!  WE HAVE SUCCESS!   She pooped and peed on the potty like a champ.  The reason I was doing the little potty in the living room is because that's what the book suggested but since Bristol is very much into copying me these days I should have know it would go a lot better if she was using the regular potty and ITS A LOT EASIER TO CLEAN UP!   Tomorrow we are going to work on realizing that she needs to stop playing to go sit on the potty!

On to my little rollie pollie.   He rolled over from belly to back at 3 weeks and yesterday at 4 months 10 days he rolled back to belly.   So at 5:45am this morning Eldon thought it would be fun to practice his rolling skills, MOMMY disagrees!   He is so much different than Bristol.  And I am not saying that in a bad way just more of an observation.  From the day Bristol was born she was into figuring out how things worked and never really stops to socialize.  Eldon on the other hand is a little flirt.  He tries to coo his way out of taking naps all the time.  And his smile, boy does his smile make my heart melt.   Its so cool to see how different yet similar they are.  

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