Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday randomness!

Yesterday me and Jeremy registered for the Life Center 5k Fun Run, okay maybe I registered us!   I am really excited about it.   I know a while back I talked about do a 5k.  So this will be my first one.  I need to get my but in gear because at the moment I have only managed to run 2 miles!  My goal for today is 2.5 miles.   If you are interested in sponsoring us here is our links,Jeremy's and Savanna's!  I think the Life Center is a really good cause.  They are a pro-life pregnancy center.

Fussy Junior's now has a logo and a website!  I am all kinds of official!   

Last night we had tacos for dinner.  Jeremy told Bristol that she needed to eat her beans.  She looked at Blondie and said "Bean"!   Haha, she is so smart.  We call Blondie bean or booger bean a lot!  
This is Blondie
Also today she was wiping her baby dolls butt with diaper wipes!   I am still not to sure how she got the diapers wipes but I am sure it involved some crazy death-defying climbing on her part!

I had something else I wanted to write about but I can't remember now!  Oh well!  

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!

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