Saturday, May 14, 2011

The happening in the Bennett family!

My amazing husband let me sleep in today!   Yay, I finally feel refreshed.    I have been staying up late the last couple days to fill orders for Fussy Junior's Fines Stitches and work on new product.   I love sewing and am really blessed to have a husband who encourages me to pursue all my crazy ideas.  Right now I am working on getting my website up and running.  

Over the last two weeks I have been reading John Rosemond's , The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy,Healthy Children.   It was an awesome book and I recommend it to every one.  It is about simple yet effective parenting!

This week I have been reading his book about potty training, Toilet Training Without Tantrums, it is also an excellent book.  I didn't really seek it out to confirm that its okay to potty train Bristol but I wasn't sure how to start the potty training.   I am not the type of parent who says "Oh, we will potty train when Bristol is ready!", nope I am the type of parent who says "Well, if Bristol was the one who bought the diapers, or in our case, washed the diapers and changed every disgusting poopy diapers, and pays for the endless prescriptions of antibiotic diaper cream, THEN she could decide when to potty train!".  So the time has arrived for potty training.  We will start in the next week or two and no mater how many accidents there are, WE WILL NOT GIVE UP!    I really wanted to have her potty trained at 18 months but with Eldon, I just didn't have the energy!

Bristol also finished up her Mother's Day gifts for her Grandma's!  I know I am a slacker but what can I say, I AM A BUSY WOMAN! She was obsessed with the purple finger paint this time around!

I love these pictures so much, I am going to pick up another canvas so she can paint one for our living room!

Here is the Fussy Girl in my latest Fussy Junior's creation!

 Here are some fun pictures from the week!

 Mom!  What is that thing?

 Junior Junior hanging out with Daddy
 mmm...fingers are tasty

 She loves to hang out with her potty

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