Tuesday, May 24, 2011

days off...

what are these?   Jeremy does not work a normal 9-5 schedule, he works 12 hour shifts rotating between days and nights, week days and week nights so its kind of chaotic in the Bennett household.  Today was one of his days off but not really.  He worked night last night and didn't get home until 7:30am so he then slept till 11:30am.  So basically he only gets a 1/2 of a day off.  And of course we always have errands to run.  It never fails.  You would think that since we have 2 vehicles, I could do my running around on days he is working, WELL that would require a working vehicle.  Which because of my wonderful luck with vehicles I rarely have a running one.    And since we do not have a reliable babysitter I can't schedule my "make Savanna pretty" time for when Jeremy is at work.  So today I had to go get my hair done while my hubby was home.  Talk about a long 3 hours and I am not even sure if I like my hair at this moment.  It is really yellow looking and I HATE YELLOW hair.  As a natural blond I feel my hair should never look yellow.  But since I don't live outdoors in the sun all day long my hair no longer highlights on its own and I now have to pay someone to do it.  After my hair appointment we went to pick up my new-used stroller, which I LOVE, and then ran to Costco for my contacts, which still have not arrived even though they said I could pick them up on Saturday.  Hopefully my last pair, which are in my eyes, do not rip before I get my new boxes because Bristol felt the need to break my glasses a few weeks ago and since they are being held together with duct tape until I find the time to go pick out new one, they are not very efficient.  Then we went to target for more Bristol undies because she starts potty training TOMORROW!   When I went on Friday, I only bought one pack.  I am not to sure how I thought I could potty train her with only 6 pairs of undies.

So anyways you can see that a day-off in the Bennett household is just a day to cram full of running around.  One day we will have a day where nothing needs to be done.  

Starting tomorrow I will be blogging about our potty training adventures....wish me luck!

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